Monday, February 26, 2024

Battleship Texas Will Soon be on the Move

If watching one of the most famous ships in American history move really slowly towards a new destination sounds like fun, you’re in luck. The famous Battleship Texas is leaving San Jacinto tomorrow, headed towards Gulf Copper Galveston for repairs, and the entire trip will be livestreamed by the Battleship Texas Foundation.

The Dreadnought was a revolutionary type of battleship at the turn of the twentieth century, not only larger and faster than previous versions, but also armed exclusively with large-caliber guns. The USS Texas is the last surviving Dreadnought.

It is also the only battleship in history to have fought in both World Wars. When it was commissioned in 1914, the 27,000-ton New York class battleship was a trailblazer in gunnery and radar technology. Soon after WWII ended, this magnificent ship was decommissioned and relocated to San Jacinto, where it has remained ever since.

Tomorrow, August 31, Battleship Texas will leave for Gulf Copper Galveston. According to the Houston Chronicle, the historic ship doesn’t currently have any propulsion, and several tugboats will be accompanying it, pushing or pulling when it’s needed. (

The foundation that’s in charge of the ship says that it will move very slowly, no more than 6 knots (6.9 mph/11 kph) in certain areas, and that the date was specifically chosen, based on the favorable tides and currents at both San Jacinto and Galveston, to ensure a safe trip.

After all, Battleship Texas had its share of trouble long after the war was over. According to the Houston Chronicle, it almost sank several times, including on its way to Galveston decades ago. Hopefully, everything will go according to plan this time. But its fate still hangs in the balance, because there’s no final decision yet regarding its future permanent location, which could be other than Galveston.

Until then, the historic ship’s voyage will be livestreamed tomorrow, on the Battleship Texas Foundation’s social media platforms.


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