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Beefy Ford Bronco Spied As Rolling Billboard For Performance Bolt-Ons

It’s actually a SEMA build from Expedition Vehicle Outfitters, packing all kinds of upgrades including 40-inch tires.

These aren’t spy images of a Ford Bronco in the traditional sense. It’s not a new trim level, and it’s not camouflaging facelifted sheet metal. Actually, the off-bright roader’s exterior, which is covered with multiple brand logos, is the polar opposite of camouflage, as it stands out like a sore thumb. Riding high on big tyres that extend well over the fenders also aids in this regard.

This vehicle may be familiar to die-hard Ford Bronco aficionados. Expedition Vehicle Outfitters in Michigan collaborated with Dana Incorporated to build it last year to show off all of the enhancements available for the resurrected off-roader. That’s why Dana (and, by extension, Spicer) are prominently shown on the Bronco. The red-white-blue colour scheme isn’t just a haphazard arrangement. It’s a nod to the Rough Riders off-road team from the 1990s, which Ford sponsored in a number of competitions.

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A Dana 60 axle in the back and Spicer CV shafts in the front, adjustable coilover suspension, updated control arms, hefty driveshafts, and everything else you’d expect from a hardcore 4×4 are just a few of the upgrades. The tyres, which are enormous 40-inchers on stylish beadlock wheels, arguably get the most attention here. The tyres don’t even come close to fitting beneath the Bronco, even with a set of custom fenders.

The million-dollar question is now. This rig also has Ford Performance components, such as the light bar over the windshield, and it was on display at the Ford Performance exhibit at last year’s SEMA event. These photographs show the truck near Ford’s Dearborn headquarters, but more specifically, it’s cruising through a business park where companies like Roush and Ford Performance work on cars. Is it possible that further Blue Oval enhancements are on the way?

It’s certainly not typical to see a show truck such as this out for a casual stroll. In any case, our spy team grabbed some photos because hey, wouldn’t you snap some shots if you saw a custom Bronco hanging out in the Ford Performance playground?

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