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Bugatti’s New Hand-Painted Finishes For The Chiron Take More Than A Month To Complete

When you acquire a new Bugatti, you have practically unlimited possibilities for customising your new hypercar. One new owner just received a pair of Chirons (!) each with a hand-painted finish that took five weeks to complete. What’s even more astounding is that the artwork is so accomplished that five weeks makes sense.

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Bugatti Chiron supersport special edition

The way light interacts organically with the curvy body of the Chiron inspires each paint treatment. In fact, the first car we’ll analyse, a Chiron Super Sport, appears to be moving even when it’s not. That’s a tired cliché, but you’ll see what we mean if you take a look.

The California Blue base colour is significantly accentuated by huge brilliant orange stripes, a colour Bugatti names Arancia Mira, and is named “Vagues de Lumière” in French, which means “waves of light.” Unlike many other striped paint jobs, this one genuinely gives the impression that the automobile is reflecting the lights in a tunnel from every angle.

Bugatti Chiron supersport special edition

The light motif continues nicely on the other vehicle, a Chiron Pur Sport, which, although having very identical stripes, seems much more subtle. The majority of the hue is blue carbon bodywork, with Nocturne black accent lines strategically spaced over the car to mimic the way light and shadow balance each other out.

To be honest, it’s incredible what can be accomplished with a limitless money and ingenuity. It’s difficult to tell where the paint finishes and the real light or shadow begins in several of the images. Trompe-l’oeil, a well-known French painting technique, comes to mind.

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Bugatti Chiron supersport special edition

Bugatti’s artisans begin by adding 2D forms on the 3D body with “millimeter-perfection,” according to the company. The employees then paint layer upon layer until the desired effect of light is achieved. After that, Bugatti applies a clear coat and lets the new owner to view the artwork.

Both automobiles are the latest to emerge from the French automaker’s Sur Mesure or customised experience.

Bugatti Chiron supersport special edition
Bugatti Chiron supersport special edition
Bugatti Chiron supersport special edition

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