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California Man Says Tesla Model 3 Froze Leaving Him Stuck At 83 MPH On Freeway

After an apparent software fault hit his Tesla Model 3 while driving on the interstate, Javier Rodriguez, the owner of a Tesla Model 3 in Southern California, stated he was astonished to find his control over the vehicle significantly harmed.

Rodriguez told ABC7 News that he was travelling near Cabazon on the 10 Freeway when his automobile became stopped at 83 mph (133 km/h) and his infotainment screen froze. He first realised anything was awry when his automobile began to warm up and a weird odour began to emanate from it.

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He said that all of the buttons and switches had stopped working, including the turn signals, danger lights, and even the accelerator pedal. Even while the brakes worked, they barely gave minimal relief.

“I was worried that if I braked a lot, I wouldn’t be able to get back up to speed in time to keep up with traffic and navigate past automobiles,” Rodriguez explained. “I was afraid that someone would slam into me.”

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Fortunately, despite the growing temperature inside the automobile, Rodriguez maintained his composure and was able to safely exit the vehicle. Everything appeared normal once the Model 3 rebooted, and California Highway Patrol finally assisted him in exiting the motorway and having the car taken away.

Tesla then indicated it had corrected Rodriguez’s Model 3, but would not say what had gone wrong in the first place, only informing him what they had put in a report.

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Rodriguez said, “Diagnosed and identified inadequate communication from charge port door causing power conversion system to cut off in order to preserve onboard components during driving.”

But he was still dissatisfied.

“I need more information,” Rodriguez said. “I’m on the interstate, and this is happening at 83 mph.” Everyone is attempting to claim, “Well, we solved it.” We were able to solve it,’ but I want an explanation.”

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