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Indian Driving Licence

Need Of Driving Licence

Long drives and scenic roads are enthusiasts favorite. Road trips are one of the best way of exploring the country. You get to know about the rich culture of that country. But it is also important to follow the traffic rules. Having a driving licence is the most important document on roads. So do you know your Indian DL is valid in around more than 15 countries. Here we have listed top 10 countries you can drive with your Indian Driving Licence. Although they have some restrictions. We must know about them in this blog. So let us drive through it.

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1. Australia

You can drive in Australia with your Indian Driving Licence. Although there are also some restrictions on it. The Indian DL is valid for three months in Australia. Their traffic rules are a lot similar to that of India. Make sure your DL is in English and not in any other regional language. You can drive through South Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, Northern Region and Australian Capital Region.

2. Bhutan

Indian Driving Licence is accepted in Bhutan. The country is 72% covered with forest making the place picture perfect. Indian nationals can drive both four wheelers and two wheelers. Make sure you get a vehicle permit to drive around Bhutan. You may also need to cary any identity proof.

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3. Canada

The Cabot Trail is considered as the most graceful road trip and is looking located in Canada. The Canadian traffic rules are a differs to that of India. Always remember to drive on the right side of the roads there. The indian driving license is also valid in Canada. The Indian DL is valid for 60 days in Canada. After that you will need to get the Canadian driving licence to drive in and around the country.

4. Germany

Germany’s Fairytale Road, River Rhine, Old Town of Munich and the list can go on. Road trips are the greatest way of exploring Germany. The country is gifted with most scenic routes. The Indian DL is valid for six months in Germany. You have to carry a German copy of your DL. You may also be asked for holding a international driving permit if the local authorities instruct you. Always remember to drive on the right side of the road in Germany.

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5. Malaysia

The most adventurous roads are located in Malaysia. The roads of Malaysia are best mode to explore the diverse culture and nature of the country. The Indian DL is valid in Malaysia with fewer restrictions. Make sure your DL is in English or in Malay. Your documents will be look over by Indian embassy in Malaysia.

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6. South Africa

The roads in South Africa are known for there Rich nature and scenic beauty. The country is also famous for their wildlife sanctuaries. The Indian DL is valid in South Africa. It should be in English with your photo and signature on it.

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7. USA

The road rules in the United States of America are strict than those in India. However you can rent a car in the country. The indian DL is valid for 1 year in the USA. You are asked to carry your Driving Licence and the I-94 form. The I-94 form has the date on which you entered in the country. Make sure your Driving Licence is in English and you abide by the rules.

8. New Zealand

The most scenic highway, the Milford Road is in New Zealand. The road rules in New Zealand are identical to the Indian rules. The Indian DL is valid for 1 year in New Zealand. You are expected to carry your DL in English or a translated copy from the licensing authority of New Zealand. You should also be 21 years old to drive a car in the country.

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9. United Kingdom

The Indian Driving Licence is valid in UK with restrictions. UK allow you to drive with your indian DL only a certain class of vehicles. You can drive on the roads of England, Scotland and Wales. The Indian DL is valid for 1 year in the United Kingdom.

10. Singapore

The coastal roads are point of attraction in Singapore. The Indian driving licence is valid in Singapore for a period of 10 to 12 months. Make sure your DL is in English. You need to be 18 years old to drive on the roads of Singapore.

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