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Evergreen Cars In India | Top 10 All Time Favourite Cars

All Time Favourite Cars And Their Prices Then Vs Now

The automotive industry in India is the leading market in the country. Automakers are launching new car with all new features for affordable prices. Although the new cars have grabbed value among the masses some cars are said to be evergreen. These evergreen name plates hold a special place in the market. Here in this article we have listed top 10 all time favourite cars in India. We will also compare the all new generations of the model and their prices then vs now.

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1. Maruti Suzuki Swift

Evergreen Cars In India

The Maruti Suzuki Swift was launched in India back in 2005. Since its launch the car has surely made a soft corner in the Indian masses. Affordable price, good build quality and a great figure of mileage made it people’s favourite. When launched back in 2005, it was priced for Rs. 4.14 lakh. In 2021, the company introduced the new gen of the Swift. It comes with a price tag of Rs. 5.73 Lakh.

2. Maruti Suzuki WagonR

The another evergreen car on the list is the WagonR. It was one of the most selling hatchback back then. It was the perfect choice for a family car. When launched in 1999 it was priced for Rs. 3 lakh. The new WagonR was launched earlier this year. It is now priced around Rs. 4.65 lakh.

3. Maruti Suzuki Alto

Evergreen Cars In India

Another evergreen car from the house of Maruti Suzuki is the Alto. It is one of the most selling car in the country. At the time of launch in 2002, it was priced Rs. 2.72 lakh. The latest genration of the Alto is now priced around Rs. 3 lakh.

4. Hyundai i20

The Hyundai i20 is the most popular car of the Korean makers. Launched back in 2008, it was the most premium hatchback of that time. The launch price of the i20 was Rs. 5.14 lakh. The all new genration of i20 is feature loaded. With more agressive looks it is now priced Rs. 6.71 lakh.

5. Hyundai Verna

Evergreen Cars In India

The first generation of the Hyundai Verna was a style statement back then. It was launched back 2006 and offered with a price tag of Rs. 6.34 lakh. It achieved 5,000 units sales in just 15 days. The new gen of the Verna was revealed in 2020. It is offered with cosmetic updates and new tech. The price of the new Verna is Rs. 10.75 lakh.

6. Tata Safari

The old Tata Safari has a huge fan following and termed as legend by the fans. The Safari has played an influential role in shaping the automobile market in India. It was launched in 1998 for a price tag of Rs. 8.17 lakh. The new generation of the Tata Safari is recently launched which is based on Harrier. It is offered with a price tag of Rs. 14.70 lakh.

7. Honda City

Evergreen Cars In India

The Honda City launched back in 1998 was not a success story for the company. But with drastic change, the coming generations of the car performed very well. In 2005, the next generation City was launched which turned out to be people’s favourite. It was one of the best selling car of the company. It was available with a price tag of Rs. 7 lakh. The all new generation Honda City, recently revealed is offered for Rs. 10.89 lakh.

8. Volkswagen Polo

The enthusiasts favourite car in the country is the Volkswagen Polo. The hot hatchback of the company has a great sales report in India. The evergreen car has never undergone any major changes. It was prices Rs. 6.48 lakh when launched back in 2009. With 10 years of history there is no change in the technical specs in the car. Notably, with time the price of the car has decreased. The new Polo cost around Rs. 6.16 lakh.

9. Toyota Innova

Evergreen Cars In India

The Toyota Innova is the king of MPV in India. It was launched in 2008 and ruled the Indian roads. It is highly preferred for family purpose and also highly used by the rental services. The price of the car, back then was Rs. 6.83 lakh. The car has undergone many changes in and out. The 2021 Innova crysta is priced Rs. 16.52 lakh.

10. Toyota Fortuner

The list of evergreen cars can never be completed with the Fortuner. The Toyota Fortuner has a huge fanbase in the country. The first choice of politicians the car is an absolute saga of fame. It was launched in 2009 with a price tag of Rs. 18.4 lakh. The all new Fortuner has a starting price of 30.34 lakh.

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