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How to Rent a Car in Dubai at a Low Price ?

The Complete Guide To Rent a Car In Dubai

The major gateway to the Middle East with thousands of visitors & tourists passing through two airport terminals each day, Dubai is one of the world’s top ten cities. It is the preferred centre for commerce & tourism in the middle east. The only concern while living or visiting Dubai is moving from point A to B as buildings are spread along the coast i.e. have many kilometres of distance between them. Hence, a reliable and convenient transportation medium is essential. This is where rental service comes in.

Though the Public transportation services exist in the city, they are neither comfortable nor they cover everywhere in the city. But don’t worry, there is another option of renting the car to navigate the city reliably & comfortably. To save some money for other expenses, the cost of rental must stay minimum. So here are some essential tips for you to rent a car at cheaper rates in Dubai.

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1. Rent a Car For Long Term

In Dubai, car rental services offer rental services in the short term or long term. But rather than renting a car for the short term, renting a car for the long term is the best way to get a cheaper car rental deal. The companies include bonuses & discounts on long term car rental deal. Also, there won’t be any effect of seasonal price fluctuations on your deal as you have paid once for the long term.

2. Use the Early Car Rental Services

The early car rental services in Dubai are a great choice to save some money while renting the car. These services enable people to pre-book their cars. The car rentals offer special bonuses & discount rates to reduce the cost of renting a car when the cars are pre-booked.

3. Avoid Renting The Accessories

Various accessories are sometimes offered for rent in some car rental services. E.g., a Child seat is an accessory installed in the vehicle to provide comfort to kids. Such accessories increase the rental cost, thus not ideal for renting a car. Instead, buying the accessories & using them whenever required can be a cheaper option.

4. Say ‘NO’ To Prepaying For Fuel

There are various terms & conditions for renting a car in Dubai. There is one condition that states that the renter must refill the car’s fuel tank before returning it to the rental company.  But if people don’t want to refill at the fuelling station, rental services collect fuel charges from them. But the thing is that the rates which these companies collect are higher than the standard fuel rates. So, it is better to save a little money & fill the fuel by yourself.

5. Avoid The Service During Holiday Season In Dubai

In the holiday season, people get time to travel to new places. This increases the cost of renting a vehicle as the demand is high. Hence, avoid renting a car during the holiday season. Instead, book a car before or wait till the holiday is over before renting a car.

So these were 5 essential tips to avoid overspending while renting a car in Dubai. Also, remember to be consistent as well as loyal to the company; i.e. rent your car from the same company as many times as possible. The companies also provide special bonuses & discounts as a reward for the same.

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