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First Diesel Engine : Unfolding it’s History

Diesel engine are widely used in the modern Automobiles and industries. Less need of maintenance, more efficient and lower fuel price makes it manufacturers favourite. Thus Diesel engines are moreover used for commercial vehicles. We also find it’s wide application in production plants.

Ever wondered what the first Diesel engine looked like and how it came to life ? So lets unfold the history of diesel engine.

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The First Diesel Engine:

The first successful Diesel engine named Motor 250/400 was officially tested in 1897 and is now on display at the German Technical Museum in Munich. Later it went through lots of development and replaced the steam engine. Earlier this engine were large in size and due to the limitations of compressed air-assisted fuel injection system, they where operated at low speeds. Following are key specifications of the very first successful engine

Type of engine1 cylinder, four-stroke engine
Output20 HP (14.7 KW)
Fuel consumption317 g/KWh (238 g/ hp-hr)
Number of revolution172 rpm
Displacement volume19.6 L
Bore250 mm
Stroke400 mm
Highlighted featureWater-cooled, Air injection of fuel

Working Principle:

As same as the modern diesel engine, the diesel engine differ then a gasoline engine by using hot air to ignite rather than a spark plug. The fuel was injected at the end of the compression stroke and was ignited by the high temperature resulting from the compression.

This p–V diagram simplify the representation of events taking place in the engine. This engine works on constant pressure cycle and also called as a Isobaric process.

The Pioneer of Diesel Engine:

Rudolf Diesel is best know for his invention of diesel engine. He was German inventor and engineer. His work in engine development was led by his goal of gaining a high efficiency ratio. Diesel’s attempts of market promotion of the not-yet-ready engine eventually led into a rage among people. In 1913, deeply troubled by criticisms of his role in developing the engine, he mysteriously vanished from a ship on a voyage to England, presumably committing suicide. Another theories suggest that he was murdered because he was not letting his invention to be used by German authorities. This suspense continues till date.

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Diesel engine is the most efficient internal combustion engine. With increasing technology we expect it to undergo further development and contribute in commercial and passenger Vehicles. It will be fascinating how this engines will make there way in the future cars.

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