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Ford Exec Confirms Next Mustang Coming In 2023 With V8

It might not be available with a manual gearbox.

Ali Jammoul, Ford’s vehicle programme director for Icons and Ford Performance, confirmed to Wheels in Australia that the next-generation Mustang will be available in 2023. A V8 engine is still available, but electrification appears to be the way of the future for the Blue Oval’s pony car.

“The next version that we’re working on right now will launch next year, in 2023, and it’ll be fantastic,” Jammoul told Wheels. He doesn’t say when the new Mustang will be released. According to rumours, the next pony car will go on sale in the United States for the 2024 model year, which means it will hit showrooms in the second part of the year.

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While the V8 will continue to exist, Jammoul claims that Ford is working to improve the engine’s emissions. “However, we must make the V8 more ecologically friendly, and you must ensure that it is regulatory compliance. And it’s something we’ve worked on and will undoubtedly include in the next-generation Mustang “‘I told Wheels,’ he said.

This revelation may corroborate reports that the next Mustang’s powerplant will include hybrid assistance. According to reports, a V8 would drive the back wheels and an electric motor would turn the front axle. The end result would be the first all-wheel-drive pony vehicle on the market.

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Jammoul is less certain about whether the Mustang will come with a manual transmission. “So I can’t say the manual gearbox is here to stay,” he told Wheels, “but it’s evident there will be more electrification, and manual transmissions will no longer be around.”

According to Jammoul, an electric Mustang is a possibility. “Clearly, the market is shifting toward electrification, and we’re dedicated to producing more electric-powered performance vehicles. Would that be referred to as Mustang? Perhaps, “‘I told Wheels,’ he said.

The next-generation Mustang has been spotted in spy photos, but Ford is keeping the automobile well camouflaged during development. The overall silhouette follows the classic pony car formula of a big bonnet and small rear deck. A large grille and pointed headlamps look to be present. There is still a convertible in the lineup. In 2024, a GT3-class racing variant will also be released.

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