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Ford Mustang Production Paused Next Week Due To Missing Microchips

It’s not the first time this year that the Flat Rock plant is idled.

The automobile industry is still inflicting havoc due to semiconductor shortages, as evidenced by Ford. Mustang production has been forced to halt once more. In January, the Blue Oval’s pony car was put on hold for the same reason. The fresh halt at the Flat Rock assembly factory in Michigan will continue the entire next week, following a period in 2021 when the legendary sports car’s output was significantly hampered by a lack of microchips.

The Mustang is still the best-selling sports vehicle in the world, with just under 70,000 units sold worldwide last year. It should be noted that the figure does not include the Mach-E-based electric crossover with the same name. As expected, the main market for the gasoline-fueled machine was the United States with 76 percent of all sales.

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The sixth-generation Mustang (S550) is nearing the conclusion of its production run, with the successor model arriving in 2023. It’s already been spotted a few times in thick camouflage, and a few of apparently legitimate leaks have revealed the S650 in its entirety. Thankfully, the V8 is here to stay, and it will almost certainly be paired with a smaller EcoBoost engine.

The Mustang is one of the few American sports cars sold in Europe, so we’re interested to know if the next-generation vehicle will be available there. We’re crossing our fingers that the naturally aspirated 5.0-liter V8 will pass Euro 7 standards when they arrive in a few years. (Valium) If not, we’d still be happy with a turbocharged engine featuring a lower displacement.

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According to a story from Autoline Daily from early last year, the two-door Mustang will be completely electrified by the end of the decade. Ford is expected to begin manufacturing of the sporty EV in December 2028, when the standard ICE variant will be phased out. If this is correct, the S650 will have a five-year life cycle, which seems very short. To put things in perspective, the current-generation model has been on the market for nearly eight years.

Source: Reuters


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