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For $10K Could This Ford Mustang Pickup Conversion Fulfill Your Ranchero Dreams?

It’s been a long time since vehicles like the El Camino and the Ford Ranchero, which were passenger cars with a bed in the rear to tote your belongings, were commonplace. Someone obviously missed the days of “business in the front, fun in the rear,” and chose to construct their own mullet out of an SN197 Mustang.

Unfortunately, unless you’re an entrepreneurial guy with a Sawzall and a welder who comes up with a design like this, the days of a muscle vehicle with a truck bed are long gone.

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The Mustang’s fascia has been completely overhauled, with a redesigned grille, bumper, and lower splitter replacing the original pieces. The actual celebration takes place around the rear. The taillights were most likely picked up from a nearby Napa and are put in the pattern of a vintage Mustang – although a touch crooked, but hey, it’s all in good fun.

The whole back half of the vehicle has been removed in favour of a bespoke truck bed, which, while small, might be utilised to transfer stuff that you don’t want on your fine inside carpet or back seats. Perhaps a bespoke bed topper, or at the very least a unique-looking shooting brake, would make this a genuinely functional vehicle.

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Finally, new box flares have been added to the whole body to accommodate the big steel wheels and expanded track width.

Aside from the cosmetic alterations, the car is mostly stock and still has its V6 engine under the hood, which is connected to a six-speed manual transmission and drives the rear wheels. There’s a roll bar behind the seats, as well as speakers and a subwoofer.

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Overall, the workmanship is pretty nice, and we’re having a hard time figuring out where the seams for the add-ons are.

The automobile is being offered for sale on the Thurston County buy/sell group for $10,000 obo. If you don’t mind the 1.5-foot bed, the Mustang is a great deal less than a new Maverick or Ranger at that price.

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