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Jaguar XJR-6 Is A Supercharged Art Sedan That You Can Buy

Not for those with regular tastes.

The majority of art automobiles are created for the sake of, well, art. It’s the result of someone’s imagination and expression, whether it’s the owner or the automaker. We can’t blame you if you expect an art car to be a sluggish vehicle. They’re not normally the first cars that come to mind when you’re looking for a fun ride.

Usually, since there must be exceptions, such as this Jaguar XJR-6 supercharged car. Even better, it’s yours if you’re looking for something quick and outlandish.

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This Jaguar XJR-6 is for sale on Facebook’s Obscure Cars for Sale group, and for good reason. According to the listing, it’s a strange-looking car from 1996 that has been driven for 151,000 miles (243,011 kilometres). The seller encourages customers to make an offer because it does not have an asking price. It’s “an exceptionally magnificent art automobile that would make a terrific daily driver or Burning Man chariot,” according to the vendor.

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For those unfamiliar, the XJR-6 (or just XJR) is a high-performance version of the Jaguar XJ’s X300 generation, produced during the company’s time under Ford. It’s the first Jaguar to come equipped with a supercharger right out of the box.

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The XJR-6 employs the six-cylinder AJ16 engine of this XJ generation, but with an Eaton M90 supercharger for forced induction, unlike the later V8-powered XJR. 321 horsepower (239 kilowatts) and 378 pound-feet (512 Newton-meters) of torque are the results.

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On the Facebook group page for the XJR-6 art car for sale, there are more images. However, you must be a member of the group in order to view those photographs and send a message to the seller.

Source: Obscure Cars For Sale (Facebook)


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