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How to import Toyota Supra to India | How to Import JDM

‘How to import Toyota Supra from Japan to India.’
We all love super cars. We follow car lifestyle, more than ardency its part of our daily practice. Many of you asking for Skyline, Supra import procedure in India from Japan. So here it is full explanation on import of Toyota Supra.

For simplification, we are going to take look of ‘How to import Toyota Supra from Japan to India’ with help of 5 points.


Each and every country had some rules regarding import & export taxation of products. In India its also there for petrol and diesel cars the TAX (import duty) is 180% of the total cost of products. As we all know Supra is premium petrol car and it comes in this taxation article. So, it means that if you buy any car worth 1 crore in Japan or any other country it costs up to 2 crore 80 lakhs Indian rupees. Means tax is itself more than the price of product. This is the reason why CUV cars are so expensive in India. MercedesAMG C63 costs about 50 to 65 lakhs in America but it costs 1 crore 40 lakhs in India.

2:Import and Export Application.

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After you purchased a car new or old in Japan you have to fill the import and export application which you have to submit to the country. If you are purchasing car from Japan then you have to fill the export application in Japan and import form in India import customs. After these two applications got approved then you can legally import the car in India.

3: Shipping.

You have to find correct shipping line for you car which will shift you car from Japan to India. Time might take a month and month and half days to ship a car from ship. There are 3 main ports in India where you can receive your car via ship, 1.Mumbai port, 2.Banglore port, 3.Chennai port. You cannot get to choose where the car is shipped or coming, you will be notified where car is being shipped or coming. After the car come to the port, you have to go to the port pay the 180% of the import duty. Other pollution tests, all documents will be checked and all taxation is done on the port.


After all this process, you must have to go to your respective city RTO with car and register your car to your name. When the registration is done, now you can legally drive your car on Indian roads.

5:Happy ride.

This is the most important steps among all above steps. ENJOY !!! as much as possible. You totally deserve it. Because you bring your super car on Indian roads successfully, let it make some noise.

After all this remember always follow traffic rules and don’t overspeed. What is actual price of the car today? lets us know in the comment section.

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