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Overtaking Gone Wrong on Highway To Hyundai Grand i10 Accident With Trucks

Overtaking Gone Wrong on Highway To Hyundai Grand i10 Accident With Trucks

India has the largest number of road accidents per year in the world, and we see tragic incidents on a daily basis, particularly on high-speed roads. The majority of accidents in India are caused by poor driving habits such as speeding and driving in the wrong lane. One of the most common causes of road accidents in India is incorrectly overtaking when driving, and this collision of a Hyundai Grand i10 with a truck while overtaking is a great illustration of this.

Ajju 0008’s YouTube video shows a Hyundai Grand i10 collision with a moving truck on a highway when the former was attempting to overtake it quickly. The whole crash, according to the YouTuber, was captured on the rear camera of his Land Rover Defender while he was travelling ahead of both the Grand i10 and the truck on the motorway.

The Hyundai Grand i10 can be seen in the video attempting to pass a vehicle in another lane while following another truck in its own. The Grand i10 driver, on the other hand, underestimated the distance between the two trucks driving forward. The truck crashed with the rear of the Grand i10 while attempting to pass the driver in another lane.

The Grand i10 has lost control.

The Hyundai Grand i10 driver lost control as a result of this little but high-speed contact, causing the car to collide with the truck from the side. Because both the truck and the Grand i10 were travelling at high speeds, the Grand i10 collided with the vehicle again and overturned on another lane.

The whole incident was captured on the back camera of the Land Rover Defender, which was travelling ahead of both cars. It is unknown whether the Hyundai Grand i10 driver was injured or not; nevertheless, the truck was unharmed by the accident and continued driving on the lane.

Mistaken overtaking

In India, high-speed accidents caused by negligence when overtaking and overspeeding, such as this collision between a Hyundai Grand i10 and a truck, highlight the need of paying attention and driving within speed limits. In this mishap, it is clear that the driver of the Grand i10 should have been more patient while overtaking at such a high speed, especially between two trucks. Because most truck drivers in India drive recklessly on roads, it is best to keep a safe distance from other vehicles, especially heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and buses, to avoid an undesired collision.

The visibility of heavy trucks is poor.

Even though the bus driver sits in a high position, sight from the bus is limited, especially with the tiny rearview mirrors used by the majority of Indian buses. Some Indian transport trucks are in poor condition, therefore it is critical to remain vigilant on the road if a large vehicle is present. (messinascatering.com)

When passing a huge vehicle, such as a bus, always maintain a safe following distance. Most of the time, such vehicles’ brake lights do not function correctly. Keeping an eye out for such cars might be a life-saving choice.


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