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Lotus Emira GT4 – Over $200,000 in Value

Lotus has introduced the Emira, its new car, after having us wait over a decade. It debuted a few months ago at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in 2021. The Emira is now available in a competition-spec race car variant. The Lotus Emira GT4 Race Car features a smaller body and more aerodynamic features. For the time being, it’s just a concept; the actual stuff will arrive later this year.

Lotus Emira GT4

Lotus even brought a Lotus Type 30 Sports Racer as a special guest. A Ford-sourced 4.7-liter V-8 engine powers this 1965 GT, which is dressed in a white exterior colour. There were only 33 made, and this one took home the Whitsun Trophy at the Goodwood Revival last year. Enjoy the Emira GT4 Race Car as well as the 1965 Type 30 Sports Racer in the photos.

Lotus Emira GT4

This engine may appear dull at first, but it’s been inside the Evora, Exige, and, most recently, the basic Emira, so it’s been thoroughly tested. The torque stats aren’t specified, but it’s likely to be around 300 pound-feet (the Evora 400 has 302 pound-feet and the Exige Sport has 310).

A six-speed xTrac gearbox with paddle shifters and a limited-slip differential will be coupled to the engine. The Emira GT4 will be equipped with a double-wishbone front and rear suspension, as well as hlins coil-over dampers and anti-roll bars.

Lotus Emira GT4

The aerodynamics of the conventional Emira have been improved, albeit no details are provided. However, as part of the aerodynamics package, we see a big rear spoiler. The GT4 will ride on 18-inch wheels with Pirelli GT4 rubber, as opposed to the road-ready Emira’s 20-inch wheels. Alcon discs and callipers, as well as Bosch Motorsport ABS, will handle the braking tasks.

Lotus Emira GT4

The Emira GT4 has a length of 173.6 inches and a height of 50.8 inches. It has a 65.5-inch track width. Lotus is aiming for a dry weight of 1,260 kg (2,778 pounds). It weighs 320 pounds less than the conventional Emira.

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The concept features an FIA-compliant roll cage on the inside. There’s also a six-point harness and a fire extinguisher. Apart from that, there’s a Motec dashboard with data tracking.


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