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Lotus Type 133 Electric Sedan To Fight Porsche Taycan With 600+ HP

Much like the Eletre SUV, it’s going to be assembled in China.

Let’s be honest, few people would have predicted that we’d be talking about an electric sedan from Lotus, following an SUV without a combustion engine. Some of us thought the folks in Norfolk would just keep selling the Elise/Exige and Evora forever, freshening them up with a slew of special versions. Everything changed, however, when Geely purchased the company and merged it with Volvo’s parent corporation.

The Eletre is now available in 2022, with an electric vehicle to follow the following year. Indeed, the Porsche Taycan rival, codenamed “Type 133,” will be released in 2023 as the second China-built model following the SUV. Autocar, a British publication, has gotten preliminary information regarding the saloon, which they claim will not resemble the Eletre without its stilts.

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The sedan’s design is expected to be finalised soon, and Lotus claims it will be more than just a low-slung Eletre. “Every member of a family can have their own character,” says Peter Horbury, senior VP of design. However, because “families aren’t made up completely of triplets or quadruplets,” the company needs an unified design, which is why “there has to be some continuity and family identity.”

Lotus’ answer to the Taycan GTS will have an aerodynamic exterior design and a high-tech minimalist inside. The sedan should have the same punch as the SUV and Zuffenhausen’s sedan, given the Eletre’s two motors with a combined 592 horsepower. However, Lotus has previously stated that more powerful variants would be available, thus the Type 133 may face off against the Turbo and/or Turbo S in the future.

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The SUV in the launch specification with 592 hp is “where we’re starting at – there’s more to come,” according to the company’s managing director, Matt Windle. Indeed, there are reports of a three-motor Eletre with 900 horsepower, which would still be less than the Tesla Model S Plaid and Lucid Air Dream Edition Performance.

The Type 134, a smaller Wuhan-built electric crossover, will join Lotus’ growth in 2024 to compete with the next-generation, EV-only Porsche Macan. In 2026, the result of a collaboration with Alpine will manifest itself in an electric sports automobile made in Hethel. To replace the mid-engined A110 Coupe, Renault’s performance arm will get its own variation.

Source: Autocar


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