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Meet 6×6 Mahindra Thar SUV By SD Offroaders !

When die-hard vehicle enthusiasts tyre of their SUV’s 444 thrill, they just switch to the 666 for a more exciting response. You’re probably guessing about the Mercedes G63 AMG 66, but things aren’t as they seem. SD Offroaders from Nakodar, Punjab, built this Thar 606.

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The Mahindra Thar is one of the most modification-friendly automobiles on the Indian market, but by adding an extra axle and extending the body, this normal Thar becomes the most ridiculous example ever built by a modifier. With its ferocious appearance and forceful presence, it is more than simply an expanded version of the stock vehicle and will undoubtedly attract a lot of attention on the road.

SD Offroaders has put a second axle behind the rear wheels, and all six ends now have enormous all-terrain rubber and black/chrome alloy wheels. On the back door, a seventh completely functional wheel is installed as a spare. These tyres’ deep treads guarantee good control and gripping off-road performance. (Tadalafil)

The interior has been expanded to provide cabin-crew seating with plenty of legroom in the second row. The interior of Thar 666 has been customised to match the outside colour scheme with a black/red theme.

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Standard round headlamps and a metal bumper with an integrated bull bar adorn the front fascia of this Mahindra Thar 606. The back end has an openable door for loading the boot, while the side view has Bolero-style rear doors with clean design lines.

6×6 Mahindra Thar Images

6×6 Mahindra Thar
6×6 Mahindra Thar
6×6 Mahindra Thar
6×6 Mahindra Thar


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