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Moped Gang attack Bugatti Chiron ($4.8M) Owner with a Hammer in London 

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Thieves smash millionaire’s Bugatti in bid to steal his £110,000 Rolex

Driving a multi-million dollar hypercar in a city certainly draws a lot of attention. Unfortunately for the owner of a Bugatti Chiron in London, UK, this was expressed in the worst way possible when a moped rider began hitting the car with a hammer.

While most people would admire or photograph the Bugatti at a traffic light, some are envious of the owner’s wealth and attempt to steal valuable tokens from the interior. This is possible in this case, with a bystander capturing the entire scene on their smartphone. Yianni Charalambous and supercar.fails shared the video on Instagram, where it quickly went viral.

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The moped rider, who was wearing a helmet, repeatedly struck the Bugatti with a metal hammer. Surprisingly, he was not alone, as a second moped stood nearby. While the two-person gang’s intentions are unknown, it appears that they were attempting to smash the side window of the hypercar in order to gain access to the cabin and possibly steal the owner’s wallet, jewellery, or purse.

Fortunately, the glass proved to be stronger than expected and did not shatter completely, protecting the driver and his valuable possessions.

The driver of the Chiron did what most people would do in those circumstances: he stepped on the gas and fled the scene. In a potential pursuit, the mopeds had no chance against the 1,479 hp (1,103 kW / 1,500 PS) hypercar, so the riders continued their journey while remaining as unobtrusive as possible.

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According to Charalambous, whose car wrapping company treats many exotic vehicles, this type of attack occurs frequently in London, posing a serious problem for supercar and hypercar owners. Popular YouTuber Whistlin Diesel commented on the Instagram post, “try doing that in America,” obviously referring to the high rate of gun ownership among US citizens. In any case, the police should investigate this illegal behaviour. Because replacement parts for the Chiron are notoriously expensive, the Bugatti owner most likely used the footage for his insurance company. A second video with the aftermath can be found below.

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