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Wooden Tesla Cybertruck Arrives Before The Real One

Easiest wood model car to make yet?

The Woodworking Art YouTube channel’s innovations have piqued our interest over the years. The artist behind the page built some of the most detailed and functioning wood models for our amusement, ranging from sports vehicles to SUVs.

The Nissan Navara Pro-4X was the most recent vehicle to emerge through the channel. The Navara was one of the most detailed works so yet, much like the prior works in the last few months. The artist recreated the precise design aspects of the mid-size truck, such as the tailgate creases and grille pattern.

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Woodworking Art created a new pick-up from wood this time. It’s a truck from the United States, but it’s not made by Ford, RAM, or General Motors. A Tesla Cybertruck is the channel’s most recent finished project. Surprisingly, the wooden Cybertruck exists before the manufacturing version of the EV truck is released.

Because of the truck’s straight and simple lines, carving out its body appears to be a simple process. The artist, on the other hand, spent a lot of time bringing out the minor features of the polygonal vehicle. In any case, constructing its exterior isn’t as simple as it appears.

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All Woodworking Art builds interest us because of the subtle nuances. For example, the artist did a fantastic job recreating the interior of the concept. It’s almost identical to the genuine thing from the centre console to the yoke. Not only that, but the wooden scale model also has the telescopic tailgate from the concept design.

Tesla has postponed the manufacture of the genuine Cybertruck until 2023. Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, confirmed the postponement and stated that at least one version will be released next year.

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Source: Woodworking Art via Youtube


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