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Motorcycle Crashes Into Rimac Nevera in California

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Rimac recently announced that it would bring two Nevera examples to Monterey Car Week, but it appears that one of them was involved in an accident in California. The $2.5 million hypercar is shown in a video moments after being rear-ended by a Yamaha motorcycle under unknown circumstances.

User @mahdiyarsaberi posted the video to Tik Tok. He claims that prior to the crash, the motorcycle rider was driving recklessly on the Pacific Coast Highway. Although there are no skid marks behind the vehicles, the damage and location of the motorcycle on the street indicate that the collision occurred at a low speed.

The rider, who was dressed in a helmet, gloves, vest, and boots, can be seen sitting on his knees, most likely recovering from the shock. The driver and passenger of the Rimac Nevera pulled over to assess the situation, and no one appears to have been injured. In terms of the hypercar, we can see some scratches on the carbon fibre rear panel, but nothing too serious. (citygoldmedia)

Rimac only recently began shipping the Nevera, with former F1 champion and YouTuber Nico Rosberg being the first lucky customer. Unlike the F1 veteran’s black-themed vehicle, the pictured Nevera is green, leading us to believe it is the first example produced. Rimac’s version has a pearlescent Callisto Green exterior, Graphite Vertex wheels, and a Sand Alcantara interior. Surprisingly, one of the people in the video appears to be Rimac Automobili’s test driver Miroslav “Mrgud” Zrnevi, who is frequently seen behind the wheel of the hypercar. Last June, a car with the same exact specifications and driven by the same person appeared at Goodwood.

We hope that the Croatian company brought some spare Nevera parts to California and that the repairs can be completed before the North American debut next week at The Quail. Following the show, one of the Neveras planned an extensive tour of the United States, while the other would return to Europe. It will be interesting to see how Rimac’s schedule is affected by this unfortunate accident.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Nevera has been harmed. Aside from the prototypes that participated in the crash tests, another Nevera was destroyed by an unnamed auto executive while attempting the drift mode on the test track.

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