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More Than 40% Of Truck Drivers Have Vision Issues – Report

More Than 40% Of Truck Drivers Have Vision Issues – Report

Every year, a number of traffic incidents involving large cargo vehicles occur. These incidents, while unavoidable, can be avoided by adhering to the norms and regulations and taking adequate care of the truck drivers. According to a recent study conducted by the ICARE Eye Hospital in Noida, more than half of all truck drivers on Indian highways suffer eyesight problems. The hospital tested the eyes of 34,000 truck drivers across the country in partnership with the non-profit group Sightsavers India.

According to the research, 38% of the truckers assessed had close-vision impairments, 8% had distance-vision concerns, and 4% had both distance- and near-vision issues. Furthermore, none of the truck drivers used glasses, and the age group 36 to 50 had the most near-vision problems. Furthermore, the study found that those aged 18 to 35 years old accounted for 45% of all cases of distant visual impairment.

Commenting on the survey results, Dr Saurabh Choudhry, CEO, ICARE Eye Hospital’s commented, “As an eye hospital, we have been aware that big number of accidents on Indian roads occurred due of vision-related difficulties of drivers. Most truck drivers we tested were unaware they had poor eyesight and had never had their eyes examined. As a result, they were more prone to mishaps.”

“There are 9 million truck drivers on Indian roadways,” he noted. We can extrapolate from our field research data that half of them will have eyesight difficulties. In any Western nation, they would have been ruled unqualified to drive without suitable glasses and an eye exam.”

The CEO of ICARE Eye Hospitals then noted that they had also contributed to the resolution of these issues for drivers to some level. “In collaboration with our partner Sightsavers, we gave the drivers with ready-to-clip (R2C) eyeglasses and issued glasses on the spot,” he explained. Those with complicated refractive problems had their glasses modified and sent to them at the next stage on their route. We used numerous technology tools and apps to ensure people were using the glasses while driving on the motorways,”

Meanwhile, the doctor noted that the unstructured nature of truck drivers’ occupations discourages them from really treating their health concerns. He revealed that the bulk of them come from remote areas where they do not have access to preventative or therapeutic eye exams. They have never had an eye exam or been fitted with glasses.

Elaborating on the matter, Dr Saurabh Choudhry further noted, “In our experience, most truck drivers tend to acquire dry eyes and chronic allergic eye disorders owing to extended working hours and bad hygiene. Many drivers over the age of 60 suffer from cataracts or glaucoma. A regular eye exam is required for all truck drivers to ensure their own and others’ safety.”

The RAAHI – National Truckers Eye Health Programme was started in 2017 by Sightsavers India, an NGO dedicated to improving road safety. In 2018, ICARE Eye Hospital joined the initiative. Following that, 34,000 truck drivers were checked for eye diseases and refractive difficulties.


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