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Most Expensive Cars In Grand Theft Auto V

Top 5 Most Expensive Cars In GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is the most talked-about game ever since its launch. It has been a money-making machine for Rockstar Games. It is so popular that the last-gen consoles saw three GTA games (III, Vice City and San Andreas), whereas GTA V itself has seen three Playstation generations. In the latest Playstation presentation, Rockstar Games showed off the next-gen ‘Expanded and Enhanced’ trailer for GTA V. While the story mode received mixed reviews, its Online counterpart has been making Rockstar tons of money. There are many expensive things like cars, bikes, apartments, etc. that the player can buy.

Most Expensive Cars In Grand Theft Auto VPrice (USD)
Imponte Ruiner 2000$5,745,600
Imponte Deluxo$4,721,500
Declasse Scramjet$4,628,400
Coil Rocket Voltic$3,830,400
Grotti Vigilante$3,750,000

With a boatload of content to spend on, players can get confused about which things to buy. Ultra Rich people usually buy flashy and most expensive cars while the poor guys settle for average cars. For the rich people, here are five cars that cost just as much as the mid-tier office suite in GTA Online:-

5. Grotti Vigilante – $3,750,000

Most Expensive Cars In Grand Theft Auto V : Vigilante

With its Batmobile-inspired looks, Vigilante is sure to turn everyone’s eyes towards it. This weaponized beast was added as a part of the Smuggler’s Run update that was released on October 31st, 2017. Its boost takes 2.5 seconds and achieves a top speed of more than 200 kmph with boost. It comes with dual forward-facing machine guns and can be fitted with two homing missile launchers. Players can purchase the car from Warstock Cache & Carry. It is one of the most expensive cars in Grand Theft Auto V that is totally worth the money.

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4. Coil Rocket Voltic – $3,830,400

Most Expensive Cars In Grand Theft Auto V: Voltic

That’s what happens when you rocket-boost a standard car. It shares the electric engine with the standard Voltic but is heavier due to the addition of rockets on the back. With the boost, it can hit a top speed of 225 kmph. It can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $3.830,400 or at a trade price of $2,880,000 after completing the special vehicle work mission ‘Firewall Protection’.

3. Declasse Scramjet – $4,628,400

This weaponized Super Car in GTA Online takes inspiration from the Speed racer movie and anime. The vehicle gets dual forward-facing fixed machine guns and two homing missile launchers. The driver has access to their weapons for drive-bys. Just like the Ruiner 2000, Scramjet also gets a Power Hop feature. Its rocket booster is effective than other similar vehicles which propel the vehicle for two and half seconds and takes four seconds to recharge. It is available for purchase on Warstock Cache 7 Carry for $4,628,400. It is also available at the special price of $3,480,000 after winning a round of the Adversary Mode Hunting Pack (Remix).

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2. Imponte Deluxo – $4,721,500

People coming to Los Santos from the sunny beaches of Vice City might remember this. The Deluxo is a returning vehicle from Vice City and Vice City Stories albeit its design is a little bit different. It is now based on a Delorean DMC-12. The Deluxo can hover over the ground as well as fly in the sky. It is also weaponized with Machine Guns on either side and Two Homing Missile Launchers. If you complete the ‘Signal Intercepts’ setup mission as the heist leader, it will be available at the price of $3,550,000.

1. Imponte Ruiner 2000 – $5,745,600

A sleek and Stealthy black car inspired by the KITT from Knight Rider? Great. Does it also get the option for weaponizing? Sign us in. The Ruiner 2000 also tops the chart of most expensive cars in Grand Theft Auto V with a price tag of $5,745,000. It has a parachute Mechanism on the roof to slow it while falling from the sky. One particularly useful feature is the Power Hop. It comes with two front-facing machine guns and two homing missile launchers that have a limited capacity of eight rockets only. If players complete the ‘Arms Embargo’ mission as a CEO, they can get the vehicle for $4,320,000.

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