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Top 7 Most Expensive Luxury Cars | Expensive Luxury Cars Ever Made

The topmost expensive luxury cars even made include cars like Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Cadillac, and many more.

For decades luxury cars used to be the same, big saloons with lots of expensive material, tech, and power used. But today the definition of luxury cars has changed, its more luxurious and more price range. Technology is been the most important thing which made the cars more luxurious rather than only the leather seats. Here are some of the most expensive luxury cars listed over.

Most Expensive Luxury CarsPrice (USD)
Mercedes-Maybach 600 Pullman Guard$2.2 million
Toyota Century$210,000
Mercedes Benz EQS$102,310
Bentley Continental GTC Speed$307,225
Genesis G90$72,000
Rolls-Royce Phantom$449,000
Cadillac Escalade ESV$105,840

7. Cadillac Escalade ESV – $105,840

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

Luxury is all about giving more comfort and this car has more than enough. It has over 8 screens 36 speakers and a total spacious back room. The escalade is a king-size luxury SUV that is used by almost all popular celebrities. The cost of this car is $105,840 and also some additional according to the need.

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6. Rolls-Royce Phantom – $449,000

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

In the category of luxury cars, this is the finest automobile ever made. The car with most exclusive and premium material interior. This car is so silent and you can’t even hear the engine running(from outside). The cost of buying one is about half a million dollars which gives you 44 thousand color options.

5. Genesis G90 – $72,000

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

This is something you can buy as an alternative to an expensive Mercedes or BMW which comes with a 40% discount compared to them. Well with a discount the Genesis didn’t compromise with the quality and has made it top-notch. It’s a proper luxury car that will cost you $72,000 only which is pretty affordable.

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4. Bentley Continental GTC Speed – $307,225

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

Most of the cars on this list are meant to be driven or chauffeured but not this one. The Continental GTC is something that combines luxury and performance. With a W12 engine with 660 horsepower, this has insane performance and is the most powerful Bentley. The cost of this car is $307,225 and has several options on the car specs.

3. Mercedes Benz EQS – $102,310

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

The next most luxury car is the electric version of S-Class with insane high tech. The EQS is considered to be the best car that Mercedes makes and that is the fact. And the reason behind this is that aerodynamics is the plus point that makes it the more silent car inside. With the aerodynamics, there will be less air resistance increasing the range to 400 miles in one charge(Mercedes Claims).

2. Toyota Century – $210,000

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

The next most expensive luxury car is made by Toyota which is only available to the Japanese car market. Also only the rich can afford it( $210,000) mostly the CEOs or the Emperor. The Toyota Century is more about going incognito mode which is what this car exactly looks like from the outside, boring. Along with it, this is a more reliable car which someone can buy in Japan with a price tag of $210,000.

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1. Mercedes-Maybach 600 Pullman Guard – $2.2 million

Most Expensive Luxury Cars

The most expensive luxury car on the list here is the Pullman. An upgraded version of the Maybach S class with ultimate luxury with a price tag of 2.2 million dollars. Inside there at the back are the super plush recliner seats and everything is button operated from closing the door to folding seats.

The Pullman Guard version is smoothing that can survive bullets and grenades. And is currently used by the Indian prime minister, so you can guess the level of security.

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