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Top 5 German Car Brands | German Car Brand

It’s been a while since we looked at our top five German car brands, so we decided to go through our choices again to see if there had been any changes to which brands we think made the cut.

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Germany is regarded across the world for producing high-quality, long-lasting automobiles, owing to the country’s involvement in the sector since the inception of automobiles, with Carl Benz creating the first internal combustion engine with electric ignition.

German Car Brands

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Since then, they’ve gone on to create some of the world’s most well-known and sought-after models, making deciding on the top five brands exported from the country a challenging task.

1. Volkswagen

Volkswagen is the Volkswagen Group’s main brand and is widely regarded as one of the most dependable brands on the market.

VW was founded in 1937 by the German government with the goal of supplying the general public with a reliable car that was cheap to the typical driver, hence the name, which means “people’s car.”

VW is known for a wide range of vehicles, from family and young driver favourites like the Golf and Polo to famous cinema stars like the Beetle.

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The Beetle was designed in part by famed car maker Ferdinand Porsche, who eventually founded his own firm, and it was so successful that it was produced for decades before being phased out in 2018.

Because of their reasonable prices, solid engineering, spacious interiors, and all the modern requirements today’s drivers want, the Golf and Polo remain among the best-selling hatchbacks on the market and are steadfast family favourites.

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2. Mercedes-Benz 

Mercedes-Benz has been a crucial actor in the growth of the modern automobile since its inception, as previously stated.

Carl Benz founded many firms in order to recruit partners who shared his vision of revolutionising the fledgling automotive industry by using a moving engine instead of the stationary ones utilised in factories at the time.

He finally accomplished this goal in 1883, when he founded Benz & Cie, barely three years before they patented the first gasoline-powered automobile in 1886.

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Daimler Motor Company would go on to partner with the Daimler Motor Company, consolidating their two smaller car brands into one formidable manufacturer. Originally it was just a collaboration with coordinated designs, production, purchasing, sales and advertising which allowed the two brands to remain competitive in the market following the difficulties of the first world war but in 1926 the Daimler-Benz AG company was formed when they officially merged.  Shortly after this, the first Mercedes-Benz models began to appear on the roads.

Today Mercedes is one of the biggest producers of luxury cars in the world and they offer models in all body shapes and styles as well as with a range of electric and hybrid powertrains in line with the wider market’s shift to electric models.

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3. Audi 

Audi is known for its technology advancements and driver-focused interiors that are polished to a higher standard than you’d expect from a luxury brand.

August Horch, an engineer, started the corporation in 1910, and it is named for him, as are several other brands, albeit August translated Horch into Latin to become Audi.

Audi formed the Auto Union with three other firms, DKW, Wanderer, and the original Horch Company, and it was then that they adopted their current four-ring insignia.

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Many German automakers struggled to survive during and after WWII, especially with harsh Allie laws in place, and Auto Union relocated to West Germany to try to re-establish the company.

In the mid-1960s, the company was purchased by the larger Volkswagen corporation, which opted to merge the Auto Union’s four brands into a single entity known as Audi. Audi acquired worldwide fame in the 1980s with the triumph of the Audi Quattro in rallying, and they went on to build a series of models that quickly became the standard for luxury hatchbacks and saloons. (https://ar15discounts.com/)

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4. BMW

BMW, or Bayerische Motoren Werke to give it its full name, was founded in 1913 as the Rapp Motorenwerke GmbH, a producer of aircraft and automobiles. The company was formed by its namesake Karl Rapp, but after he left just four years later, it was renamed to its current name and used the blue and white chequered flag of its home area of Bavaria as its logo.

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The company has a lengthy history in motorsports, having fielded racing teams in a variety of contests and supplying engines to other teams. They’ve raced in Formula One, several Touring Car Championships, Le Mans, and a variety of endurance series races, as well as creating their own Formula One series. They’ve raced in Formula One, different Touring Car Championships, Le Mans, and a variety of endurance series races, as well as creating their own Formula One series to assist nurture fresh talent moving up from karting to F1. They presently field a Formula E team in the all-electric racing category.

BMW has grown a variety of superb saloon, executive, hatchback, and SUV models with both electric and traditional combustion engines for drivers who aren’t on the racetrack.

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5. Porsche

Ferdinand Porsche was previously recognised for his role in the design of the Volkswagen Beetle, but after that he moved on to start his own automotive company that focused on high-performance models, allowing him to completely pursue his passion for motor racing and the cars involved.

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Ferdinand had experimented with concepts for the VW Beetle, which became the basis for the first Porsche 911. Since then, the legendary car has gone through multiple iterations, yet the fundamentals of the original have remained mostly unchanged, ensuring that it stays as current and modern as the rest of the company’s models.

The prancing horse and stag coats of arms of the company’s founding city and area, Stuttgart and Württemberg, were combined to create Porsche’s logo. The company’s headquarters are still in Stuttgart, and it’s still run by Porsche family members, despite the fact that it’s now part of Volkswagen AG.

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What German car brand is best?

Mercedes-Benz. …
Audi. …
BMW. …


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