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Cars Made By American Companies That Never Sold In American | American Cars With No Sales In Usa

There are many cars made by the American car companies that popular and ruled their times. But Americans couldn’t enjoy some of the coolest cars made by car companies of their own countries. Companies like Chevy, ford, dodge, etc. made some cars that were sold in other countries but not of their own. It’s sad the Americans were not able to buy the sickest model of Ford like the Escort and the Falcon. This list is all about the top cars that did reach American car guys.

1. Ford Escort RS Turbo

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Well yes, America did get the Escorts but not cool ones, the RS Turbo. Ford has made 5000 of these units and 4999 all were painted white and only one of them was painted black. Which was a special order for Princess Dayna, and was the sickest looking car.

2. Jeep Grand Cherokee Armored

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The next car on the list has bulletproof security with a bomb shield under it. Jeep launched this car exclusively in Mexico in 2020 to offer a solution for the increasing attacks and kidnapping cases in certain areas of the country. The car came with bulletproof glass and body paneling. It has a grenade-proof belly pan and also run-flat tires which won’t let you get stuck in any kind of dangerous situation.

3. Chrysler Valiant Charger

American Cars

This is the car that was popular in the Australian muscle car market. Being called American muscle, America never got them. The car had a V8 engine that produced over 285 Horsepower and came in very colour specs.

4. Dodge Ramcharger 3rd Gen

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Dodge Ramcharger was an amazing car in the early 19s. Sadly The production of Ramchargers ended in 1993 for America, between 1999 and 2001 the 3rd gen Ramcharger was made. This 3rd gen was sold in Mexico.

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5. Chevy Firenza Can-AM

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This car has taken down many of the amazing cars while it was raced in the South African Production cars championship. Unfortunately, in 1973 due to the oil crises, the season was called off and there was the end of it.

6. Buick Park Avenue 3rd Gen

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The Park Avenue was Buick flagship car, whose 3rd gen model was only sold in China. The car had the ultimate luxury like the Mercedes S-class and the Cadillac. They also have their cars in America in the early 19s but this never came to America.

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7. Chevy Calibra

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During its time the Calibra was the most aerodynamic car made in the world. It was basically an Opel Calibra which was rebuilt as Chevy Calibra to sell in South Africa.

8. Chevy Montana

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It’s like a smaller version of trucks, smaller in size easy to use. This truck is sold exclusively in Latin America and is based on Chevrolet Agile.

9. Ford Sierra Cosworth

American Cars

Talking about real ford? This was a real ford. Introduced in 1985 this car was a regular ford sierra which got upgraded as the name says, ” at Cosworth “. This hatchback has one of the coolest-looking spoilers ever. Due to its unsecured door locks, it became the most stolen car of that time.

10. Ford Falcon GTHO 315

American Cars

This car had one version sold in America, but this Australian spec Falcon was more than that. It was a four-door car with a 351 V8 engine that produced 300 horsepower, but after the upgradation, the car produced over 350 horsepower.


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