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Nissan 350Z Morphs Into Mustang, Slams Over A Curb During Car Meet

While the internet enjoys making jokes about Ford Mustang drivers crashing while leaving car shows, the truth is that automobile owners of all types do the same thing. Take, for example, the Nissan 350Z’s driver.

This video looks to have been shot in the United States, and based on the masses of people standing on the side of the road, we believe it was shot at the end of a car show. Needless to say, the 350Z driver’s day did not go well.

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The driver appears to be roasting the clutch as he attempts to spin up the rear wheels after pulling out into the road. The sports car’s rear-end kicks out to the right when the tyres finally lose grip. The driver tries but fails to countersteer to halt the slide, and the Nissan then abruptly kicks to the left and smacks into a curb in the middle of the road.

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We haven’t been able to locate any images taken following the incident, so it’s difficult to say how much damage the automobile has incurred. It’s probable, however, that it sustained some suspension and wheel damage as a result of leaping over the curb. However, it’s also entirely possible that the sports car escaped without any mechanical damage and only suffered some minor scrapes.

The driver of the 350Z appeared to be trying to show off to onlookers watching from the side of the road, as is often the case with accidents like this. Perhaps this experience will teach them a great lesson…

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