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Nissan Would Love An Electric Sports Car With Solid-State Batteries

Internal talks about an electric GT-R are underway.

Solid-state batteries are being hailed as the next big thing in electric vehicle development and a game-changer. In comparison to today’s lithium-ion batteries, the new variety can be charged faster and store far more energy. When it comes to added weight, a higher density is critical since automakers won’t have to install large batteries to offer the car a reasonable range. (grossmancapraroplasticsurgery)

Because weight is the enemy of performance, there’s a lot of untapped potential for a lighter, faster electric vehicle. While the new Z is due to be released with a twin-turbo V6, Nissan is already planning an electric sports car. Speaking with Autocar, the company’s senior VP chief planning officer for the AMIEO region, expressed his interest in an exciting car without an internal combustion engine.

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Fran├žois Bailly confessed that he “We’d love to acquire an electric sports car, but we need to plan ahead. We’re not ready to reveal the sequence just yet, but it’s definitely on the table.” In other words, such a vehicle is being considered, but there are more pressing matters at hand. He was referring to Nissan’s replacement for the Micra supermini becoming electric and the next-generation Leaf becoming a crossover.

Then there’s the matter of solid-state batteries, which are difficult to mass-produce. Nissan has revealed the creation of a prototype, but a production vehicle would not be available until 2028. However, it is unlikely that a sports car will be the first to use the highly promising battery technology. Toyota is expected to be the first to launch a car with solid-state batteries, promising to introduce a hybrid by 2025.

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Fran├žois Bailly told Autocar that there are internal discussions about an electric GT-R, but he couldn’t say which shape it would take “It will be a prioritisation in the end, so yes, we are looking into it. Aren’t we all vehicle enthusiasts?” While a Godzilla with solid-state batteries is a distinct possibility, Nissan has remained eerily silent on the R35’s successor. In 2022, the present generation will be 15 years old, therefore a replacement can’t come fast enough.

Meanwhile, Nissan debuted the Max-Out concept, an all-wheel-drive electric roadster with two seats and ultra-lightweight construction, a few months ago. The EV looked cool in this photo, but we wouldn’t hold our breath for a commercial version in the near future.

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