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Reckless SF Bay Area BMW Driver Does Us All A Favor By Posting The Evidence Online

Some drivers have a poor name for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is forgetting to utilise their turn signals. With his reckless actions on public highways in the San Francisco Bay Area, one YouTuber known as Jollygreencuts, who seems (and claims) to be driving an earlier version E90 BMW 335d, appears to have taken it to a whole new level.

He began uploading films to his YouTube and Instagram accounts around six months ago that included dashcam evidence of several laws being committed on public streets, highways, and roads. He adds a graphic to his third video on the channel to show the pace he’s driving at — which, if accurate, is 122 mph (196 km/h).

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Since then, he’s posted hundreds of similar films, including one in which he claims to have successfully evaded a police officer who passed him at 113 mph (181 kph). He drives to 130 mph (209 km/h) before overtaking many automobiles on the shoulder and, just for fun, ignoring some stop signs. Then there’s the video (below) of high-speed stunts in the rain from his Instagram account.

On his YouTube profile, he’s also made some fascinating observations, such as discussing how many police officers have been laid off and how much simpler it is to speed these days. He frequently defends his driving style, claiming that he is “not a stupid driver” and that he “always tries to have a way out.” I seldom push the automobile to its ultimate limit, so I’m confident in my ability to avoid collisions without losing control.”

To be honest, this appears to be the conduct of someone who has grown up with no consequence, but that’s just a guess. Users on Reddit, on the other hand, are less complimentary of the social media whiz.

In any case, it’s almost as if he’s calling out local cops by constantly sharing footage of himself driving without trying to disguise where he’s going or how fast he’s travelling. Of course, there’s no way to prove who’s driving the car in these films, or whether the speed on the graphics corresponds to reality – and it’s not our responsibility to do so, either; that’s the work of the authorities.

At Carscoops, we’re great supporters of automotive excitement and outstanding driving talents, and we’ll confess that most of us have acted immaturely behind the wheel of a car at some point in our lives. At the same time, the lack of humility displayed in these films has the potential to drastically alter people’s life in the blink of an eye.

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