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Watch: Superyacht sinks off the Coast of Catanzaro, Italy

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The My Saga super yacht was sailing from Gallipoli to Milazzo on August 20th. The super yacht My Saga was seen sinking sideways while navigating through the Gulf of Squillace at around 1 pm, about 9 nautical miles (16.6 km) from the coast of Catanzaro Marina in Italy.

The captain reported that the ship was taking in water from the stern, and a Romanian patrol boat from Crotone was dispatched to the rescue, according to Super Yacht Times. The first four passengers and one crew member were immediately transferred to the patrol boat, while the captain and the remaining crew tried to steer the vessel and keep it from sinking.

A tugboat was also dispatched to tow the boat to Crotone’s port. The captain and crew boarded the tugboat due to worsening weather conditions and the yacht’s inclination. The Saga’s hull was then infiltrated by water, resulting in the yacht’s unfortunate total sinking. Fortunately, all passengers and crew were unharmed, and an investigation into the exact causes of the breach will be launched.

My Saga was a superyacht built in Pisa, Italy by Monaco Yachting & Technologies. Tim Heywood Design Ltd. designed the exterior, and Jean-Marc Achy Architecte dplg designed the interior, which measured 39.4m. On the list of the world’s largest yachts, it was ranked 2288th. Given the current circumstances, it was last sold in 2022 to an unlucky buyer.

The yacht could accommodate 19 people: 12 guests and 7 crew members, including the captain. Two Caterpillar Inc. engines producing 1006 HP powered the steel and aluminium structure. When travelling at its cruising speed of 11 kn, the yacht could reach a top speed of 14 kn (around 26 kph) and a maximum range of 4000 nautical miles (about 7400 km) (about 20 kph). (Cialis Australia)

We don’t know much about its interior because there aren’t any pictures available online. It had teak decking, three decks, six guest staterooms, and four crew cabins. What we can be certain of is that the interior is now at the bottom of the sea. The My Saga super yacht was sailing under the Cayman Islands flag, the second most popular super yacht flag state.

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