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Tips To Maintain Your Bike’s Battery

Battery maintenance is critical for motorcycle owners because the battery is the electric system’s beating heart. To get the most out of your bike, not only the battery but also the engine and fan must be well maintained. If you pay attention to your bike’s maintenance, it will run smoothly for the rest of its life. The Youtube channel Live Rider has provided some helpful maintenance advice.

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To begin with the bike start-stop, certain premium bikes have a self-start option, so turn off the ignition key first, then the self-start-stop switch when stopped at a red light. It will undoubtedly aid in the improvement of battery life.

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Second, if your bike has been sitting for a long time and the battery has depleted, you should start it and wait for the alternator to begin charging the battery. You can view the whole video by Live Rider by clicking here or tapping on the banner below, in which he outlines all of the strategies for extending the battery life of a motorcycle.


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