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Top SUV Sales August 2023 – Brezza, Punch, Creta, Fronx, Scorpio, Exter

As Top SUV Sales August 2023 numbers for August 2023 are available, the automotive world observed a shift in the SUV market. The performance this month is a combination of well-known leaders, exciting newcomers, and surprising twists that are altering the sector. Buckle up for an in-depth look at the August automotive rollercoaster.

Maruti Brezza tops the list of the best-selling SUVs in August 2023, but only with a minor hitch. Sales fell by 4.09% compared to August 2022, although the company still outsold the competition with 14,572 units sold. Tata Punch, on the other hand, is punching above its weight, with a 20.96% increase in sales, totaling 14,523 units sold. A strong contender for the throne!

Top SUV Sales August 2023 List

Top 10 Car ModelsAugust 2023 SalesAugust 2022 Sales
Maruti Brezza14,57215,193
Tata Punch14,52312,006
Hyundai Creta13,83212,577
Maruti Fronx12,164Launched this year
Maruti Grand Vitara11,818Launched this year
Hyundai Venue10,94811,240
Kia Seltos10,6988,652
Mahindra Scorpio9,8987,056
Tata Nexon8,04915,085
Hyundai Exter7,430Launched this year

The Hyundai Creta made the podium with a 9.98% increase, selling 13,832 units. It clearly gives other SUVs a run for their money. Surprisingly, Maruti has more candidates on this list! The Maruti Fronx sold an amazing 12,164 copies in its first month. This youngster is off to a great start!

The Maruti Grand Vitara is next on the list, with 11,818 units sold. Talk about stealing the show! Slightly lower sales for the Hyundai Venue, which saw a 2.60% drop but still managed to sell 10,948 units.

Kia Seltos was having a great time, recording a massive 23.65% increase with 10,698 units. The Seltos party appears to be far from done, thanks to the appearance of the new facelift! The Mahindra Scorpio then rocketed into the top 10 with a 40.28% increase, selling 9,898 units.

Tata Nexon saw a 46.64% reduction in sales, with 8,049 units sold. This is most likely due to buyers deferring purchases until the new facelift model was released. We anticipate a significant increase in sales in the next months. Last but not least, the Hyundai Exter takes the tenth spot on the list of the top ten SUVs sold in August 2023, with 7,430 units sold.

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