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Truck House Hotel | Unique Hotel Only In India

An Unique Hotel Based On Truck

There are many different sorts of hotels, but have you ever heard of a Truck House Hotel? Well, India now has one of the most unique hospitality offerings ever, and it comes in a colossal size! With the outbreak of the pandemic, various jugaad possibilities have risen to the fore among those looking for new ways to live and move. In India, motor homes have never been popular, unlike in the United States, where they are highly sought for. However, a video has surfaced showing how a wonderful hotel room was built on the foundation of a classic truck, making it India’s first Truck House Hotel.

Nisarg Resort from Kolhapur has uploaded this breathtaking video to their official YouTube page. The resort constructed the truck hotel as a new concept or mobile hospitality alternative in a stunning demonstration of creativity. It is unlike any other typical mobile home that has previously been seen. Instead of constructing a one-room bathroom and kitchen with the truck, Nisarg Resort built a two-story wooden villa on the bed. The home is built over a 1970 Tata vintage truck and has an entrance from the back. On the left, there is a sink, and on the right, there is a wonderful wooden staircase. The bedroom is located upstairs and has a beautiful balcony. The notion has been carried out almost flawlessly. As expected, the truck remains fully still.

As previously said, these inventive concepts are extremely popular in numerous Western countries, where people frequently prefer tiny or mobile homes that they may move around as they choose. The accommodation is amply large and well-equipped with conveniences. In reality, this film may be the beginning of a nationwide trend for such motor homes or truck house hotels in the near future. Many garages would be eager to experiment with notions like inventive and novel builds.

Final Verdict

In recent years, India has seen a slew of new inventive ideas emerge. Previously, a Mahindra Bolero Camper pick-up truck was expertly transformed into a magnificent caravan. Motorhome Adventures completed the makeover by customising the vehicle’s entire design, including mounting the cabin on the bed and separating or lifting it from the body with two jacks. In fact, Force Traveller vehicles have been converted into caravans on numerous occasions. Over the years, DC Design is said to have designed a number of such caravans and other celebrity vanity vehicles.

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