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Trucks Don’t Get Much Crazier Than This Six-Wheel Ram 1500 TRX

The Ram 1500 TRX is not only the world’s most powerful combustion-engined pickup truck, but it’s also one of the most bizarre production cars on the market right now. This specific case, though, stands out from the rest.

Most notably, Hennessey has transformed this 1500 TRX into a 666 as part of a package dubbed the ‘Mammoth’ by the Texas tuner.

Hennessey not only adds a new axle and lengthens the bed of the truck to turn it into a crazy 666, but it also instals new Bilstein suspension and, if clients desire, may even go to town on the 6.2-liter V8. A more powerful supercharger, updated injectors, modified supercharger pulleys, and a heavy-duty supercharger belt are added to the normal 1500 TRX, increasing the total output to an astonishing 1,012 horsepower and 989 lb-ft (1,340 Nm) of torque.

For as crazy as a typical Hennessey TRX 66 is, the owner of this particular model has definitely opted to make an even greater statement by fitting the car with a new set of Vossen wheels.

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The wheels in question are the aggressive HF6-4 with a Satin Black finish and measure 2212 at all four corners. This Ram now appears more prepared than ever to take on some rough off-roading terrain, thanks to some rugged-looking tyres.

Purchasing a Mammoth 666 from Hennessey is not inexpensive. In reality, the truck starts at 9,950, which includes the cost of a donor TRX 606. (provigil buy europe)

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