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Why Does This 2022 Nissan Frontier Pro-4X Have Mismatched Stickers?

Consider the following scenario. You get your hands on a brand new pickup vehicle. It’s not just any pickup, though; it’s a fully outfitted Nissan Frontier Pro-4X from 2022. However, after you get the keys, you notice something odd. That’s exactly what CarScoops reader Nicholas Scherr’s pal experienced.

Scherr just gave us photographs of a Frontier Pro-4X that had just been delivered and had a strange quirk. The pickup truck features a huge ‘Pro-4X’ badge on the passenger-side rear quarter panel, as it should. The Nissan, on the other hand, has a ‘Pro-X’ label on the back.

While most people are aware that the Frontier Pro-4X is the top of the line, others may be shocked to find that Nissan also offers a Pro-X model. This model has many of the same off-road enhancements as the Pro-4X, however it is only available with rear-wheel drive rather than four-wheel drive. Someone at Nissan’s Canton plant, where the Frontier is made, unintentionally placed a Pro-X decal to the truck, and no one seemed to notice.

Fortunately, this is just a sticker, so it should be simple to replace. But, of course, something like this shouldn’t happen, especially when it comes to a well-known and popular car like the Frontier from Nissan.

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source: carscoops


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