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Vehicle Registration, Learner License Process To Be Online In Wb: Details Here

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Fancy registration number, duplicate registration certificates, etc will be provided online.

West Bengal’s state transport minister, Snehasis Chakraborty, announced that a number of transportation-related services will go online. According to the minister, these include offering services like issuing learner’s permits and vehicle registration. Additionally, he stated that sellers and buyers would conduct virtual interviews for services like changing the ownership of vehicles, eliminating the need for them to physically visit RTOs. In about a month, these online services will be made accessible, according to Chakraborty.

He claimed that the state government decided to offer online services for everything from vehicle registration to learner licences and permits in an effort to end harassment at regional transport offices (RTOs). These tasks can be carried out in the convenience of peoples’ homes. He claimed that these actions would benefit both the general public and those working in the transportation industry. After submitting the necessary documents via the same method, he continued, “Online services such as vehicle registration, learner licences, fancy registration numbers, special permits for commercial vehicles, hypothecation cancellation, duplicate registration certificates, State Transport Authority (STA) permits, etc. will be provided within a set time frame.

By 2030, West Bengal’s state-run transportation companies are expected to be completely environmentally friendly. The introduction of 1,180 electric buses in the near future will give the plan a boost, he claimed. The minister also said that CNG stations and e-charging stations would be installed all over the state in an effort to reduce vehicle pollution. The state and Tata Motors already have an agreement for 1,180 electric buses, which will start arriving soon, he said. Additionally, Chakraborty stated that a private service provider in Kolkata would soon introduce 1,000 e-cabs.

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