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Volvo EX90: Debut Tomorrow What To Expect

Volvo promises that the upcoming EX90 electric SUV will be its safest car ever equipped with safety technology never seen in a production car before.

The EX90, Volvo’s new electric SUV and the company’s flagship model, will debut for driving on November 9. Unlike Volvo’s first two electric vehicles, the XC40 Recharge and C40 Recharge, which were built on the CMA platform, the EX90 electric SUV will be built on the Swedish automaker’s new SPA2 platform. Volvo has hinted at a number of additional details, including the performance of the new EV and LiDAR technology, which will make driving considerably safer. It will be based on the XC90 ICE model from Volvo. It’s likely that the EX90 will start to be produced starting in 2019.

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The EX90, according to Volvo, will be its safest vehicle ever. To assist the driver even when he is not paying attention, Volvo has mounted a camera sensor on the roof toward the back of the vehicle. This camera sensor will provide a 360-degree view of the surroundings. There will be another sensor inside the vehicle in addition to this one that will monitor the driver’s behaviour patterns and reduce the risk of accidents, even “death or serious injury by up to 20%.”

To make it easier for the driver, Volvo also eliminated all interior physical buttons, at least from the centre console. The new steering wheel and digital dashboard display, which will put all vehicle-related information and more at your fingertips, were on display by Volvo. A sizable vertical touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard is controlled by Google-developed software and serves as the infotainment system, a quick access point for the navigation system and the driver’s phone, as well as controls for the majority of functions. Depending on whether the car is parked, in drive mode, or the driver is talking on the phone, a special contextual bar will offer suggestions for what to do.

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Although the digital instrument screen is smaller, it is easier to read and provides more information about the drive.

The EX90 features a futuristic design as well. Volvo has teased the EV with several images, and they all show flush door handles. According to Volvo, the EX90’s design was influenced by yachts in terms of how it shaped its silhouette. In order to maximise the vehicle’s range, Volvo claims a drag coefficient of 0.29, which makes it quite aerodynamic.

The EX90’s interior is roomy and functional, and it makes extensive use of environmentally friendly materials. Volvo claims that the cabin was constructed using about 50 kg of environmentally friendly materials, including pet bottles.

When Volvo formally unveils the EX90 on Wednesday, it will provide information regarding the battery pack, power output, range, and charging capacity.


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