Sunday, April 14, 2024

Watch: Maruti Swift Skids Off Highway, Somersaults Into Field Near Nagpur

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In yet another example of how challenging it can be to drive on rain-drenched and slippery roads, the Maruti Swift loses control before tumbling several times over.

Heavy rains in many parts of the country have caused widespread inconvenience to the public. Even as the monsoon season continues to make its presence known, the importance of safe driving practises has been emphasised. A Maruti Swift skidding off the Chhindwara-Nagpur Highway and then toppling into a field is an example.

Madhya Pradesh MP Nakul Kamal Nath took to Twitter to share the video of the accident, along with a post in which he stated that he received information about a car that lost control on the Chhindwara-Nagpur Highway after heavy rain. “It’s a relief that everyone in the vehicle is safe,” he added.

Nath also advised that during rainfall, one should drive his or her vehicle at a slow speed and if the rainfall gets heavy, then the driver should park his or her car in a safe place and wait for the rain to subside. A few users of the microblogging site commented on the video sharing their concerns. One stated that he wished for the safety of the passengers in the car.

For the past few days, Madhya Pradesh has experienced heavy rainfall. According to a recent report from the India Meteorological Department (IMD), this rainfall is being caused by a turf line that is coming from Jaipur and Gwalior, and as a result, circulation has been created over the Bay of Bengal sea. As a result, rainfall is falling in the eastern parts of the state rather than the western parts. “In addition, the frequency will rise in the coming days.” As a result, heavy rain is expected in the coming days. “It will be there for the next 2-3 days,” said the department.

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