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Women Bike Riders In India | Top 5 Women Bikers In India

Lady Bikers In India

The car culture in India is rapidly growing. Enthusiasts from different age groups irrespective of gender are contributing to the community. Womens all around the nation are excelling in different fields. So does they do in the automotive industry. We at Autobizz are celebrating women power in motoring. We have a lot many examples who are inspiring lady’s all around. This blog is all about top 5 lady bike riders of India. They are truly inspiring and motivating us. They are setting a lively example of following one’s dream and passion. So let’s know more about them.

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1. Alisha Abdullah

The first female national racing champion of India is none other than Alisha Abdullah. Notably her father, RA Abdullah himself is a famous bike racer and a seven-time national champion. She started gaining interest in racing right from her childhood. She also had a good family support in her career. At the age of 9 she started go carting and won the MRF go cart National Championship at 13. Alisha eventually switched to bikes and procured guidance from her father.

2. Priyanka Kochhar

One the most influential lady rider and crushing stereotypes Priyanka Kochhar grabs the second position. Priyanka have fame and popularity through her Tik Tok and Instagram videos. Many of her videos have gone viral over the platforms. The model-turned-biker, who has a strong social media presence. She got all crazy about bikes when she first rode a motorcycle when she was 16. She has won many MotoGP races across the globe. Priyanka is popular as India’s First Female Motorcycle Blogger.

3. Neharika Yadav

Years of studying, doing clinical practice and dealing with patients, being a doctor is not easy. With the rigorous studies and a tight schedule no one can think for any other chores. But Dr. Neharika Yadav have set another big goal on her way. Apart from being an successful dentist she is a professional biker. She is highly anticipated as the fastest lady super biker in the country. Dr Neharika ably balance her twin quests of dentistry and being the fastest lady on bike. Remarkably she has completed 2000 kilometres at the Budhh International circuit.

4. Anam Hashim

Another Daredevil on the list is Miss Anam Hashim. Anam Hashim is an Indian female professional bike stunt performer and rider. She is the only Indian Stunt Athlete to win an international stunt competition in 2017. Miss Anam have ridden to Khardung La on a TVS SCOOTY ZEST. She conquered the 1800 feet back in 2015 and she is the first Indian woman to do so. She is an absolute inspo for many to do more than just following a dull routine.

5. Roshni Sharma

From riding bikes right from the age of 16, Roshni Sharma is breaking stereotypes. Strikingly, Roshni Sharma is the first Indian woman to ride a motorbike from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. She was highly inspired by her friend travelling from North Indian to South India and decided to take up the challenge. When asked about her trip, she says, “it was surely a difficult task with planing and actually doing it, but she was excited to change the records”. She has got the trip done all alone.

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