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ZEEKR 001 breaks two Guinness World Records

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Zeekr is owned by Geely, a company that also owns Lotus, Volvo and Smart Automobile. Their 001 has broken two world records at an event in China.

Zeekr, a Chinese electric car manufacturer owned by Geely Automobile Holdings, has set two Guinness World Records with their premium all-electric 001 vehicle. Zeekr 0001 set a new record for the fastest electric car drift, reaching 207.996 km/h, and also set a new record for the fastest electric car slalom, clocking 49.05 seconds.

Zeekr says that the new records verify the three core strengths of the 0001. The advantages are “fast, accurate, and stable.” The previous record for the fastest electric vehicle drift was 160 kmph, so the Zeekr 0001 broke it by reaching 207 kmph. The 0001 weaved between 50 cones that were evenly spaced and completed the course in 49.05 seconds without touching or knocking down any of the 50 cones.

The Zeekr 0001 has a dual electric drive system. The front and rear motors generate up to 7,680 Nm of instant torque. The 0001 can reach 100 kilometres per hour in 3.8 seconds. The four-wheel drive system contributes to the acceleration.

Sustainable Experience Architecture serves as the foundation for the 0001. (SEA). It is a modular electric skateboard platform with a flexible design. The vehicle’s wheels are being pushed to the corners. It is capable of producing single, double, or triple motor vehicles.

The manufacturer provides seven distinct drive modes. The vehicle’s doors are frameless, and the door handles are flush with the body panels. Smart LED matrix headlamps with a projector setup are located in the front. The cargo space is 2,144 litres when the rear seats are folded. Zeekr is using 400 individual LEDs to create a tail lamp that spans the width of the vehicle.


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