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Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Barely Fits Into McDonald’s Drive Thru

A lap of the Nurburgring seems way easier than this.

Cars are getting bigger and fatter, just like people who eat McDonald’s on a daily basis. This is especially true if you need to fit a W16 engine with four turbochargers in there. You can see why the Bugatti Chiron is so broad when you consider all-wheel drive, a 100-liter (26.4-gallon) fuel tank, and 420-mm front and 400-mm rear disc brakes. The new Super Sport sans the + at the end of its moniker, not just any Molsheim machine.

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Mat Watson of Carwow took on the hard Drive Thru, which must be one of the most difficult “course” for the Chiron SS. While attempting to navigate the long-tailed beast through the tiny track of a McDrive somewhere in France, he wasn’t alone. Andy Wallace, Bugatti’s test driver, provided the flamboyant YouTuber with instructions.

In a typical car, what would normally take a few seconds evolved into a nerve-wracking ordeal that lasted several minutes. It’s reasonable, given the Chiron Super Sport’s imposing width of 2,183 millimetres (almost 86 inches) when the side mirrors are included. It also doesn’t help that it sports some of the fattest tyres ever installed on a production car, measuring 285/30 R20 in the front and 355/25 R21 in the back.

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It has a nose lift system, just like any other decent high-performance motorcycle, for a little additional ground clearance. It offers the Chiron SS a front and rear ground clearance of 125 mm, which is significantly higher than the 80 mm front and 89 mm rear while in top speed mode. It’s not for the faint of heart to damage one of those magnesium wheels, since we’re sure they’ll cost a fortune to repair.

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Because it’s so low, ordering at McDonald’s Drive Thru is difficult because you’re so far away from the microphone. Mat actually opened the door and approached the microphone — talk about first-world issues… It took a long time for the black beauty to make it out alive, with no damage on the wheels or body.

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Because the sixteen-cylinder behemoth needs anywhere from 17.1 to 40.3 litres per 100 kilometres depending on how it’s driven, the 1,578-horsepower engine is likely to have consumed a lot of fuel. In the city, the Super Sport is rated at a meagre eight miles per gallon by the EPA in the United States.

The Chiron SS can reach 273 mph (440 km/h) in seventh gear on an unrestricted portion of the Autobahn or a race course with a long straight, yet it was stuck in first gear this time.

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