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Car Logos Meaning | Weird Car Logos And Their Meaning Behind It !

Meaning Behind Car Logos Explained !

A logo is a loaded design. It must be iconic, synonymous with a company’s brand, and inspire trust in a product.

The most important thing that helps you recognize that this car is from a certain car company, the logo over it. Every car manufactures logo has a special reason behind it, such as an animal or a zodiac sign. In this list, you get to know the topmost weirdest car logo and the meaning behind it.

1. Lamborghini

Car logo

Everyone knows that what does Lamborghini’s logo represents, a bull. But what’s the reason behind it? The logo actually comes from a zodiac symbol. And the reason behind this is the founder of the company Ferruccio Lamborghini, whose star sign was Taurus which is a bull. So he decided to use it on his cars and also a great thing as bulls are powerful as their cars today.

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2. Toyota

Car logo

This might be the unique way to present the companies name without straight away writing the name. Toyota’s logo is actually its name in it. If you look at it and use four ovals that spell out TOYOTA, you can try it out yourself.

3. BMW

Car logo

BMW, the full form of it is Bavarian Motor Works. The logo of the car actually has two different means, the first one is the flag of Bavaria which is where BMW was found. And the second one is, that BMW also built engines for airplanes, as the logo looks like a propeller of a plane flying in the sky.

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4. Mercedes

Car logo

The Mercedes logo is also one the most recognized logo in the automotive industry. The logo looks like a propellor but it’s not so, the three points of the logo represent land, sea, and air. The reason behind it is Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes built engines for cars boats, and plans.

5. Jeep

Car logo

When you see the JEEP has their name as the logo, but no. It actually has two logos, one the name itself and the other are seven-bar grills. And it has quite a specific reason for having seven grills is, as back in 19s there were many car companies who built jeep vehicles during the war which made it difficult to know which is the JEEP. So the company came to an opinion to have seven bars for the cars.

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6. Audi

Car logo

There’s no way to forget which car is it when you see four rings in the front right? The Audi logo has also an amazing history behind it. In the 30s there were a massive number of car companies in Germany which made it difficult for people to recognize which car is made by which company. So four-car companies came together to work as one unit calling it Auto Union. And the four companies were Horch, DKW, Wanderer, and Audi. Later on, the company was acquired by Audi and named Audi.

7. Mclaren

Car logo

The company’s logo wasn’t the same one as today. McLaren had Kiwi in their logo as the company was started by Bruce Mclaren who was from New Zealand. But in the 80s the Mclaren F1 team was sponsored by Marlboro. Mclaren changed their logo with their Mclaren name and some Marlboro’s over it. The logo got simplified over the years and that’s how they got their logo.


What does the Lamborghini logo stand for?

The zodiac symbol of Ferruccio Lamborghini, i.e. Taurus a bull


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