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Every Fiat Car That Ever Launched In India

FCA India Automobiles Private Limited (FCIAPL) is one of the famous car brands in India. It was formerly called Fiat Group Automobiles India Private Limited. It is the ninth largest Indian Car Manufacturer by sales. They primarily handled the production of cars and engines under Fiat, Abarth and Jeep brand names.

Sadly, FCA decided to withdraw the Fiat brand from the Indian market in November 2018. They were selling cars since 1997 in partnership with Tata Motors. Before that Premier rebadged and sold the Fiat 1100 and Fiat 124 as Padmini and 118NE respectively. But we are looking at the cars with a Fiat badge, aren’t we? So let’s check them out:-

1. Fiat UNO

Every Fiat Car That Ever Launched In India

This was the first Fiat car to ever touch the Indian soil. Unfortunately, their CKD partner PAL delivered only 617 cars from the 30,000 ones which were ordered. This led Fiat to start its joint venture with Tata Motors. The car had a 1242cc Petrol engine that gave a mileage of 12.6 kmpl. It was a five-seater that was initially successful but later saw its popularity plummet due to a limited dealer network.

2. Fiat Palio

Every Fiat Car That Ever Launched In India

In 1996, Fiat introduced the Palio hatchback in India. Its production lasted from 2001 to 2010. Over the course of time, we saw an estate version called ‘Palio Weekend’ and an offroad oriented version called ‘Palio Adventure’. The estate version ended its production in 2005 and the adventure model reached the end of its production run two years later, i.e. in 2007. The car enjoyed its fair share of success among the competitors.

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3. Fiat Siena

Every Fiat Car That Ever Launched In India

The Siena is another amazing Fiat car introduced in 1996. It shared its platform with the Palio hatchback so basically, the Siena was the sedan version of Palio. It got its first facelift in 2001. Production lasted till 2004. It didn’t see much success in the country.

4. Fiat Petra

The Petra is a somewhat toned-down version of the Siena. Initially, only a 1.6-litre Petrol engine option was on offer. The 1.9-litre diesel engine was offered in 2004. While the diesel engine felt underpowered, the Petrol one was optimum. It featured 170 mm ground clearance and a whopping 500 litres of boot space! Its Petrol model cost Rs. 4.7 lakhs and the diesel one cost Rs. 5.7 Lakhs. The car got discontinued in 2007 due to low sales.

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5. Fiat Punto

This successful Fiat Car was introduced to the Indian Market 2008 in its Grande form i.e. Five Door Hatchback. It gets power from a 1248cc engine that generates 91.7 bhp gives a mileage of 20.5 kmpl. It gets a manual transmission. The Boot space is 280 litres. It got an Evo and Abarth version also. The production ended in November 2018. A crossover version of Punto Evo called Avventura was also launched in 2014.

6. Fiat Linea

Just like Siena and Palio, Fiat Linea is based on the Grande Punto platform. It marked Fiat’s comeback in the Indian market. The Linea T-Jet is equipped with a 1.4-litre turbo petrol engine that generates 112 HP and 207 Nm of torque. It could accelerate from 0-100 kmph in 10.2 seconds and its speed topped at 200 kmph. Its main competitors were VW Vento, Honda City and Skoda Rapid. It offered mileage of 15.32 to 20.4 kmpl, depending on the variant.

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