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GT-Force Unveils Two E-scooters, E-bike Prototype At EV India Expo | GT Drive and GT Drive Pro

At the 2021 EV India Expo, hosted at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, electric vehicle startup GT-Force revealed three electric two-wheeler models. One of the company’s three models on display is a high-speed electric scooter, another is a low-speed electric scooter, and the third is a prototype electric motorcycle.

The GT Drive and GT Drive Pro electric scooters from GT-Force have a unique design language.

GT Drive and GT Drive Pro Specs And Features

The former is a high-speed scooter with a top speed of 60 kilometers per hour and a range of 150 kilometers on a single charge. The lithium-ion batteries power the electric scooter, which has three motor modes for riders to choose from economy, standard, and turbo. The scooter also comes equipped with cruise control technology that allows riders to keep a consistent speed.

The GT Drive Pro is a slow-speed electric scooter designed to meet commuters’ short-distance transportation demands. The scooter has a range of 75 kilometers and a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour on a single charge. Both LEAD acid and lithium-ion battery types are offered.

In addition to the two electric scooters, the business is developing its first electric motorcycle, which is slated to hit the market in the second half of 2022. The company hopes that its new goods will contribute to the nation’s rising desire for electric automobiles. “We’re growing our product line in such a way that it tackles people’s individual travel concerns one by one.” “Once electric vehicles become more affordable, people will begin to choose them,” said Rajesh Saitya, GT-co-founder Force’s and COO.

The EV brand’s distribution network has grown to include over 100 dealerships in 80 cities across the country. By the end of the current fiscal year, it hopes to have grown its network to over 150 distributors. “We’re working hard to make the product available in every corner of the country,” said Mukesh Taneja, GT-co-founder Force’s and CEO.

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