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New McLaren Electric Sedan is Coming – Rumours

Sedans and SUVs are the only vehicle types that McLaren doesn’t bother to make. However, with the marque’s newly discovered leadership, that is about to change.

According to a report by the UK’s Auto Express, Michael Leiters, the new CEO of McLaren Automotive, has confirmed that the company’s electrification efforts do not include building a hypercar EV that could compete with the nearly 2,000-hp Lotus Evija. According to Leiters, the technology is not sufficiently developed for this to occur. The emphasis will be on a more typical type of electric car, one with “more lifestyle, a more utility purpose.”

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“Naturally, when you hear words like “utility” or “lifestyle,” you’ll draw certain conclusions. The most important metric for McLaren, in my opinion, could be something that allows for sharing among more passengers. It may be higher-riding, but not necessarily “According to Leiters’ report.

Former CTO of Ferrari Leiters is renowned for his rigid lightweight philosophy. One can anticipate that in the upcoming practical electric vehicle, along with McLaren’s DNA. In addition, a price of at least £200,000 is anticipated, which is what Leiters considers the absolute minimum for McLaren ownership.

Leiters said, “We need to concentrate on profitability, not volume.

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Leiters made a suggestion in Car magazine just last month that an electric SUV was already in the works. However, it has not been confirmed as the McLaren CEO’s various quotes were inconclusive. But with this most recent development, we can anticipate a more usable EV from the British manufacturer, which could either be a sedan or an SUV. But no timetable has been established as of yet.

Speaking of EVs, the Artura was the first step in McLaren’s electrification. The 671 horsepower (500 kilowatt), 530 pound-feet (719 Newton meters), hybrid electric powertrain for the supercar was created in collaboration with BMW.


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