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Royal Enfield Bullet 350 vs Ola Electric S1 Pro Drag Race

Here is a video of a drag race between an electric scooter called the Ola S1 Pro and a Royal Enfield Bullet 350. Everyone is aware that the Bullet has been the most popular tourer bike in the nation for a long time. Many riders choose it if they want a motorcycle with a strong road presence. The Ola S1 Pro, on the other hand, is the newest electric scooter that is determining how the nation will move around on two wheels in the future. In our market, that name is the most well-known for electric bikes. What happens when these two square off against one another?

Bullet 350 vs Ola Electric S1

A well-known YouTuber named Sonu Plaha posted the video. He grabs his Bullet and sets up a drag race competition with an Ola S1 Pro for this competition. (temismarketing) The S1 Pro is configured for this race in its most athletic setting, Hyper Mode. It improves throttle responses and permits the greatest possible acceleration. Due to the EV’s quick acceleration and the Bullet’s potent engine, both two-wheelers are neck-and-neck at the start of the race. But after a short while, the Bullet is able to benefit from its potent engine and establish an unstoppable lead.

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For the second test, they decided to switch bikes in order to ensure test accuracy and account for the driving styles of both riders. Although it gives the riders the best chance of winning this unusual race, the Ola is still kept in Hyper Mode. The competition is even tougher in the second round, and Ola fights to the bitter end. Only after reaching 100 km/h is the Bullet unquestionably able to claim victory. The instantaneous initial torque, however, shows how quick the EVs are in this performance.

Last but not least, we must caution our devoted readers against engaging in such drag races on public roads. These are extremely dangerous, and YouTubers frequently don’t demonstrate the kinds of safety measures they take away from the lens. As a result, it is forbidden to attempt to imitate them for no other reason than to experience an adrenaline rush. Avoid risk and avoid attempting this!

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