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Toyota Tundra Spotted In India, Goes Mud Racing in Kerala

In Kerala, India, a Toyota Tundra was recently spotted. In many international markets where pickup trucks are very popular, Tundra is a well-known brand. The Japanese automaker is renowned for producing SUVs and pickup trucks that are long-lasting, tough, and reliable. One such example is the tundra. It has been seen performing tricks in murky water in Kerala. Let’s examine this unusual sight’s specifics.

The video is in the local language of Malayalam, but the vivid, self-explanatory images make up for it. Around a body of mud-filled water, a sizable crowd has gathered. Many off-roading enthusiasts can be seen, either driving their SUVs or standing by to watch them accomplish amazing feats. The depth of the water body is first tested by a tractor performing tricks in the murky water. The old Mahindra Thar then bursts into the fray and begins making cool maneuvers in the water.

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Toyota Tundra India

Finally, a red Toyota Tundra that was imported shows up and gets filthy in the water. It is possible from the number plate that the item is imported. The pickup truck then shows off its incredible capabilities with its lifted suspension, strong engine, and off-roading prowess. Sometimes the slush is too thick and causes it to become stuck. But every time, it is able to escape. Amazingly, the pickup truck’s enormous size is only apparent when compared to the tractor. After all the adventures, it is finally time to get back on the road. However, a Mahindra Thar is used to tow it away because of the slippery surface.

Toyota Tundra Specs

The Tundra’s most potent version features a 3.4-liter V8 hybrid engine that has a maximum output of 437 horsepower and torque of 791 Nm. It goes without saying that there is a 10-speed transmission and a 44 setup. The payload capacity of the Tundra is a respectable 880 kg, and it has a towing capacity of about 5,445 kg. This top trim costs $74,230 in the USA (around Rs 60 lakh). What do you think of this enormous truck, and would you like Toyota to bring it into India?

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