Monday, March 4, 2024

This Shop Turns Cheap Toyotas Into Dodge Challengers, Kias Into Ford Mustang Replicas

When you can’t afford the latest and greatest sports automobile, what do you do? Of course, you may make your own! A tuning company in Pakistan achieved just that, employing cheap antique automobiles and a lot of metalworking expertise.

Sbc Modifier, a YouTube channel, can create almost anything, and one of their latest projects is a current Dodge Challenger made from a Toyota Mark 1.

If we’re being honest, the makeover is rather impressive. Obviously, it isn’t flawless, and the dimensions and extra doors indicate that it isn’t a real Challenger, but the craftsmanship is amazing given the resources available.

We can barely tell that the body panels were sewn together with many pieces of steel after the paint is applied, and the paint itself looks better than some of the modified vehicles we’ve seen in the US.

If you prefer a widebody, the maker has also made one out of a Vauxhall Victor. A Mustang GT constructed out of a Kia Spectra, a Rocket Bunny S13 made out of a Corolla KE70, and a Rolls-Royce created out of a 1995 Toyota Corona are among the creations featured on the channel.

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