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Top 10 Cars For Mountain Regions | Cars For Hilly Areas

Cars To Buy In Hilly Regions

If you are like many of our guests, and you enjoy taking a trip up to the mountains for skiing, then you want to be sure that you are getting a vehicle capable of providing you with a safe, reliable experience on the road. We are going to compare with help of ground clearance. Here are top 10 SUVs to drive on mountains:

10. Mahindra XUV500

This is 7 seater car best for mountains with ground clearance 0f 200 mm. Which is high enough this car comes in diesel model with manual and automatic transmission 2.2 lit engine 14lakh to 20 lakh approx.

9. Mahindra Scorpio

This is one of the oldest and favorite car of Indians Mahindra SCORPIO with ground clearance of 180mm. This comes up with 2.2lit diesel engine in manual gear box price ranges between 12 lakh to 16 lakh approx.

8. Toyota Innova Crysta

Then comes INNOVA crysta which is comfortable cars in India. INNOVA having seating capacity of 7. This is also the great car to use in mountains with ground clearance of 176mm. INNOVA comes in 2.4lit. diesel as well as 2.7lit. petrol engines. Both options of manual and automatic transmission.

7. Force Gurkha

This is 6 seater SUV car. Best for off-road conditions. Gurkha may not look attractive but its performance on mountains will amaze you as this having ground clearance of 210mm.This is available in 2.6lit. diesel engine in manual transmission model. Price range is between 10 to14 lakhs approx.

6. Isuzu D-max V-cross

ISUZU’S D-max is 5 seater pick-up truck which is famous in construction sites for its optimum performance and power. V-cross having ground clearance of 225mm which nearer to the monster truck which makes mountains drive friendly. It comes up with 2.5lit.diesel engine with manual transmission. Price ranging from 16 to20 lakhs approx.

5. Jeep Compass

COMPASS is also a good off-roader manufactured by JEEP .It become popular with very short time span in India. Indians prefer it as mountains vehicle as it offers ground clearance of 178mm.Engine options are 1.4lit. petrol engine and 2.0lit. diesel engine with manual and automatic transmission ranges between 16to 25 lakhs

4.Mahindra Thar

This is Mahindra’s 4×4 SUV best for mountains and off-roading. It has ground clearance of 226mm.Now this is also provided with 2.0lit. petrol engine it is available in 2.2lit. diesel engine as well with both transmissions. Price ranges between 10to 14lakhs approx.

3. Toyota Fortuner

TOYOTA FORTUNER is amongst VIP vehicles in India. This is the most sold car in this range .Ground clearance of 220mm makes it mountains and off-road friendly. Diesel and petrol both options are available. Price ranges between 30 to 35 lakhs approx.

2. Ford Endeavour

ENDEAVOUR is also a good off-roader manufactured by FORD .It become popular in India a VIP car. Indians prefer it as mountains vehicle as it offers ground clearance of 225mm.Engine comes in 2.0lit. diesel engine with automatic transmission ranges between 30 to 35 lakhs approx..

1. Jeep Wrangler

This is the recent craze of Indians JEEP WRANGLER which has ground clearance of 217mm. WRANGLER is best for mountains rides and drives. Available in 2.0lit.petrol engine with automatic transmission and ranging in between 64 to 69 lakhs approx.

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