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Top 10 Modification Related Questions Answered

1.Is modifying your car illegal in India.

As per the rule formed by the supreme court of India in January 2019, no one can legally alter the structure of a vehicle, which can differ the vehicle data as compared to the modified vehicle. In simple words, you can not play with the structure of the vehicle in any manner. Any changes like upgrading to a better engine and changing the chassis are illegal, although you can upgrade the suspensions.

2. How much does it cost to modify a car in India?

The cost of modification directly depends upon your requirements and needs. Talking about the average prices, modification of Honda city will cost you around 1.5-3 lakh. While Toyota Innova Crysta will cost around 8-12 lakh (prices for the DC Modified Cars in India). Modification of a vehicle is hard work and involves skills so you may have to pay more for the painting and interior work.

3. Does modifications affect insurance

If your heart is set on modifying a vehicle, always consult to your insurance company before you do anything. If you have not declare the modifications your claim may be refused and your insurance may be void. Modifications that are done accordingly to the motor vehicle act do not affect your insurance.

4.Is wrapping a car illegal in India?

The answer to that is yes. You can change or add a vinyl sticker over the vehicle, but still, before warping you will need to check the local laws regarding that, to make sure you can legally do so. Also one of the benefits of wrapping is its increases the resale value of the car because the vinyl sticker is removable and it actually protects the original color and some kind of dents. Car wrapping costs around 15000 to 2 lakh depending upon the car and works to be done.

vinyl covering to the car

Yes, it is legal to make your own car and drive it too but only if you get it successfully legalized, though it’s quite a tough process, which includes testing, and bit a of time taking to it may take around 1 year to get it legalized. The ARAI will need 4 cars of the same kind for their safety testing, along with other parameters. All the vehicles manufactured by anyone are firstly tested in their specific arena, before giving the license for production so after that you can produce and drive your own vehicle on roads. its little bit hard to modify a car in India

6.Which car is best for modification in India?

As for our opinion, you should go with the Honda Civic or Honda accent. If you could get this car and modify it, you won’t regret your decision. Although you can not buy the new one but you can easily find the second hand in good condition.

modified Honda civic

7.How much does it cost to change car Color?

Price can range up to 25-35 thousand for overcoating and repaint can cost up to 50-60 thousand, and even more as it involves in and out the paint. And never forget to describe the change in insurance and RC book. Also, the color is to be RTO approved so while seeking permission be prepared with a name and sample of the color.

8.Car modification companies in India

How doesn’t know the ‘Tarzan car’ modifier DC designs the company is located in Mumbai and it is one of the best in the sector.

Big Daddy, Delhi they are good with the modification which includes interiors, lights and paint jobs

Motormind automotive design, Bangalore they have given their best in modifying cars like Hyundai Elantra, ford endeavor, and Nissan GTR.

modified jeep
modified dc thar

9. RTO formalities and procedure to modify a car

Firstly, contact your nearest RTO before any modification even you are going to change the color with any vinyl sticker or another shade. If you are making a new car and want to drive it on road it will be a long and time-consuming process try to go off-road as it only needs some legalities.

Modifying the exhaust is the most common change one can go for. But don’t forget the rules government has declared that the noise from the vehicle to be reduced and you have to compulsorily keep it under 100 decibels. if you have to go for aftermarket exhaust go for the one which is approved by the RTO.


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