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Toyota Supercar That Might Not See Daylight: GR Super Sport

Believe It or not but it was GR Super Sport

Toyota made Japan’s first Supercar, the 2000GT and it has been behind the legendary Supra. But they never made a road-going supercar based on the motorsports version. At the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon, Toyota Gazoo Racing showed off a hybrid supercar, the GR Super Sport. It looked so good that it turned everyone’s attention towards it.

Company’s CEO Akido Toyoda stated that the car might only be a concept. But recently, reports emerged that Toyota will make a road going version also. This would have added Toyota to the list of Multi million dollar road-going hypercars. Let’s see what the GR Super Sport concept was and why the car might not end up on the production line:-

The Concept

Toyota Supercar That Might Not See Daylight: GR Super Sport - Concept

The Concept is Developed by Gazoo Racing, Toyota’s Motorsports and Customization division. It features large air intakes to guide the air via the channels behind front wheels to the sides of the car. It was made as a preview of Toyota’s vehicles in Hypercar class. But then Toyota confirmed that there will be a road-going version of the same.

Drivetrain and Other Details

Toyota Supercar That Might Not See Daylight: GR Super Sport - Drivetrain

The concept was a rear mid-engine, four wheel drive car. It had a 2.4 litre direct-injected twin-turbo V8 engine. The Car had a Petrol Hybrid drivetrain. It is claimed to produce a whopping 986 Horsepower which put it in the league of Merceds-AMG One, Aston Martin Vulcan, etc. Similar engine was used in their TS050 Hybrid racer. Company didn’t reveal much details like production numbers or pricing info. But it was going to be sold as a coupe. There was going to be a canopy style opening roof.

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Reason for Cancellation

Toyota Supercar That Might Not See Daylight: GR Super Sport

During the testing of the prototype, it suffered a serious acccident. The car reportedly caught fire and got seriously damaged. This happened at Japan’s Fuji Speedway last month. Because of this, the road car programme got cancelled completely, according to the Japanese Media. Although the GR010 Le Mans Hypercar will continue development. Still, there are hopes that Toyota would bring the car back to life and build the road-going version.

The GR010 Hybrid

This is a sports racing car based on the GR Super Sport Concept. The model was unveiled on 15 January 2021. It gets power from a 3.5-litre twin-turbo V6 engine with a hybrid set-up. The engine generates more than 670 HP using the 4WD system. It can also limit how much power the IC engine can generate depending on how much hybrid boost is being deployed.

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